Should You Scratch Cook Your Desserts?

Case for cooking from scratch?

Do you have childhood memories of eating your grandparent’s homemade apple pie? You wouldn’t be alone. Nana’s just have a way with cooking and while this is passed through families so that you can do it yourself one day, you never forget that it tastes so much better when someone else makes the food for you!

It’s always easy to buy a tub of ice cream and dish it into a bowl with a swirl of chocolate sauce, but the real pleasure comes with making a dessert from the bare ingredients. Whether you make this delicious panna cotta recipe or you choose to go the whole hog with a New York baked cheesecake, you can scratch cook pretty much any dessert with the right recipe – as long as you put your mind to it. Of course, there are benefits and disadvantages to both and here they are!

Consider your time and costs. If you’re making a cake or something basic like shortbread, you’ll find that the cost is relatively low when baking these. Flour and butter with a touch of sugar won’t break the bank, but when you get to more complex desserts you might find that add-on ingredients are the cincher. Making a cheesecake, for example, can be more costly the more complicated it gets. You also have to remember how much you spend doing things. Biscuit dough, for example, is much less of a time puller than a chocolate brownie with cookie dough! 


  1. The chance to be more creative. This is a definite plus when it amounts to the fun you’ll have baking. If you want to be creative, then you should consider going the whole hog and scratch cooking your dessert. You can create any end goal with dessert, too, as there are hundreds of cheesecake options, brownie options and beyond. You could even have more creative liberty over the simplicity of a cake!

  2. Do you enjoy baking? If you don’t like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen then scratch cooking your dessert may not be a good idea. However, if you love to bake you’ll love the chance to experiment when you cook. You could create your own signature batters, flavours and cakes and you can pretty much choose any kind of sweet food to make your own.

When you make your dessert from scratch, you have the opportunity to do more with less. You can even experiment as you go, with something tastier and more wholesome as you develop your recipes. Starting desserts from scratch gives you full license to enjoy every second of the process and this could even start something entirely new for you! Being more yourself when you indulge in new ways of eating and making is going to make you happier than you could imagine. It’s fun to bake and it’s fun to create, and now you know whether you should or not.

The main thing to remember is that in the end, there is no wrong way to have or make dessert!

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