How to Raise a Confident Child

This is one of my priorities alongside gentle parenting. Read on for more tips.

What is the best indicator of success in adulthood? There are, of course, a million factors at play when it comes to determining how well a child will fare in adulthood. But perhaps the key characteristic is their confidence level. A confident person is likely to go much further in life than someone who battles self-esteem issues. Some people are naturally confident. But for most people, it must be developed. While it’s possible to develop confidence in adulthood, it’s much easier if it’s developed during childhood. After all, the longer that you have confidence, the more you can work for you! 

In this post, we’ll look at a few ways that we as parents, can instil confidence in our children. 

Work On Your Own Confidence

Children pick up a lot from their parents, and it’s just the things that the parents say. Your children will also model your personality. If you have a confident attitude, then it’s likely that they will, too. Not feeling confident? Fake it til you make it! If you approach life with positivity, then the message will get through. With that being said, it’s also important to acknowledge when you’re not feeling on top of the world from time to time, since that will also help your child. Just don’t focus on it too much. 

Accepting Failure

A child’s confidence can be shot to pieces if there’s an overemphasis on results, not processes. If there’s too much focus on success or failure, then your child will take defeat more seriously than they need to — and it may even prevent them from trying new things in the future. Confidence doesn’t lie in avoiding mistakes. Confidence lies in accepting failure and deciding to try again. If they’ve worked hard and done their best, then you — and they — can’t ask for anything more. 

New Experiences

Confidence comes when we stretch ourselves. It’s tempting to stay in your comfort zone all the time, but that won’t help to develop confidence. It’ll just help to develop comfort. Your child will grow immeasurably, often in ways you can’t predict, if they have as many new experiences as possible. Of course, it’s difficult to push your child too much when they’re not fully independent, but there are ways to challenge them in gentle ways. For example, you can sign them up for the residential trips that their school organises. This will give them space to grow in a safe and secure way. 

Encourage Their Passions

We all need some encouragement from time to time! And that’s especially true when it comes to things that are unique to us. Many adults don’t realise — or remember — just how much of an effect this can have on a child. If your child shows an interest in a particular subject or hobby, then encourage them. You never know what it might lead to. This is a simple, effective way to instil confidence in your child because it’ll set them off on a positive path, and there’s nothing quite like being told that you’re doing something well! 

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