The True Benefit Of A Friend-Cation

When we schedule and book vacations, it’s very easy for us to opt for what we know. There’s nothing wrong with this of course, visiting the same locations to enjoy time with family, or to head to theme parks you love, or to simply relax on the beach for a few weeks can be exactly what the doctor ordered. No matter what advice you get, it’s your money you’ll be spending, and you’re entitled to travel exactly how you like to; within reason of course.

That said, from time to time it can be tremendously worthwhile to flip the script and go out of your comfort zone. This can inspire you to take that new adventure in a new way. But instead of just telling you to visit a few places you may have never considered, we think that recommending you head out with people you haven’t traveled with before can be a great idea.

In fact, the worth of a ‘friend-cation,’ if you’ll permit the term, is a fantastic way to go about things. When was the last time you and a close friend took some time to holiday together? Here’s how you may go about it, and what the benefits are:

Taking It At Your Own Pace

When we’re with our friend, we can basically just take the experience as we wish it to go, because we know we’ll have fun no matter what. This means that we can lazily stroll from place to place without a mind to visiting every single location in one fell swoop. Furthermore, as you know one another so well, you can suggest considerations that means something to you, like staying at inns in Northumberland or even opting for accommodation that may be different from the conventional norm. At least you can experience it together.

Fun & Hilarity

Friends tend to be a little more outrageous and hilarious than anyone else you could go on a holiday with, so why not dive into that fun? For instance, heading to comedy clubs, theatre shows and restaurants that offer visual flair can help you laugh along and make hilarious memories, to the point where you have to take a break because you’re giggling so hard. A little showmanship that may not be suitable for your children can be more than appropriate when you only have your friend to worry about.

They Know You

Friends are more than people we just laugh along with of course, they’re people that support us and vice versa. If we have a medical issue, then we can trust a friend to help us with it; be that in helping us with our mobility, reminding us to take our medications, or being patient enough to push our wheelchair around. A friend can help us unlock the best of our vacation, and perhaps we can do the same thing for them.

With this advice, you’ll consider the worth of a friend-cation in the best possible light. We hope you have a great time.


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