How To Look Great In New Swimwear

With warmer weather upon you, it is time to get ready to enjoy the sun’s rays. Whether you are planning a much-needed beach holiday or going to your local pool, make it noteworthy by purchasing the swimwear of your dreams, adding some special touches and enjoying all that you have to offer. Here are a few tips for making it a memorable adventure.

Find the perfect swimwear

Selecting swimwear is about finding what you like and will feel comfortable wearing. Shop premium swimwear to get the best cut and style for you. Choose from a variety of colours and patterns. Opt for a monochromatic look or try a pattern on top and a solid on the bottom. 

When you are shopping for new swimwear, consider when and where you will be wearing it. Will you be active or is quiet lounging on the beach in your future? If you will be moving around and engaging in activities, a fuller coverage bikini or swim top may be ideal to keep everything in its place. This will offer more support and coverage when you are partaking in things like beach volleyball or parasailing.

If you like the look of minimal coverage but want to try boogie boarding or surfing on your next holiday, buy the swimwear you like best and add a coordinating rash-guard over it while you are surfing. That will protect your bikini, your body, and keep you covered when you need it.

Be you, whoever you may be

You are a unique and amazing person. Show your spectacular style and personality by adding special little touches to your beach or pool attire. Feel free to mix and match patterns and colours. Choose sheer fabrics to wear over your swimsuit to add an air of elegance and breathability.

Add a coordinating cover-up or a matching scrunchie for extra style. Don a padded headband a la Amanda Gorman to enhance your look. (Make sure you take it off before heading into the water unless it is waterproof.)

If you want to wear a swim cap to keep your curls from getting wet, add a beautiful scarf over it and no one will ever know what lies below. Accessorise with earrings that you will not mind getting sunscreen on.

Moving on to your toes, be sure to get a pedicure beforehand. Select the latest colours or your favourite ones instead. (If you are travelling, bring a bottle of nail polish to touch up your toes as the sand will wear the finish.) Opt for a toe ring or two and perhaps an ankle bracelet to tie it all together. Anything extra you add to your beach attire will show how creative and unique you truly are.

Here is a video full of fun and fashionable ideas on how to style your beachwear look – anyone can do this!

Be comfortable with who you are


For some people, shopping for and wearing a swimsuit are stressful experiences. Try to shed that outdated opinion and self-defeating feeling. Instead, look in the mirror and appreciate what you have and who you are. Remember that you are special and valued. 

While it is always important to be physically fit and healthy, the results of those efforts come in a wide-ranging variety of different shapes and sizes. Accepting and understanding who you are is another part of being healthy – mentally healthy.

If you need to, you should reframe the way you view your body. Do some soul-searching and understand how you approach your perception of what you see in the mirror and how you accept yourself as you are. Know that you are more than good enough.

Always protect yourself

No matter what your melanin level happens to be, you need to apply sunscreen. Put it on according to the manufacturer’s directions. Some sunscreens and sunblocks guide you to use them for 15 to 30 minutes before sun exposure. Others can be applied right before enjoying the sun. 

Always look for ingredients that are safe for your body and the environment, too. A good rule of thumb is to use a shot glass worth of product for your entire body. Remember to pay attention to how long you are out in the sun and reapply after you have been in the water.

Now that you have some fun ideas for your next swimwear purchase, find one that you will look and feel great wearing wherever you go. Add special touches to show off your wonderful personality. It is time to dip your beautifully manicured toes in the water!


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