How To Have A Great Holiday

I put it off for so long, so you don’t have to!

It is more than time to pack your bags and itch that travel bug. Taking a holiday is a wonderful way to relax, refresh, and reconnect. If you are proactive and begin planning now, you will be ready for your upcoming adventures. Here are a few tips to help you out.

Find your destination

The ideal holiday is different for everybody and at varying stages in their respective lives. Talk to your fellow travellers and find out everyone’s interests. Being on the same page and having the same general expectations helps ensure comfort and happiness throughout the holiday.

A good place to find friendly accommodations is Devon holiday parks. Find the best location for your family or group from a selection of parks. Spending a holiday at one of these destinations gives you unique opportunities to commune with nature. It really is the best of both worlds as you are so close to other holiday destinations and sites.

After you book your holiday, enlist the help of everyone to research the area you will be visiting. Ask them to find unique things to do. If there are any history buffs among the attendees, request that they find out more about the history of the area. There may be some unexpected adventures awaiting you.

Pack with versatility

Knowing what to pack and bring with you can be a fraught endeavour. Try to make the experience less stressful by adding multi-purpose clothing to your suitcase. Here are some items to consider:

Wrap or Pashmina

Wraps and pashminas are versatile enough to be an airplane blanket or even a pillow when folded up. They easily provide coverage for walking to and from the beach or hotel pool. Wraps will offer a classy addition to a sundress to take it from day to evening. If your pashmina is light enough in weight, you can use it as a head covering if you are at a location that requires respectful adherence to their rules while visiting.

Comfortable Shoes

Finding a perfect pair of shoes is like finding a unicorn. But once you do, never let them go. Choose a pair of sandals made for walking or hiking and offer the extra support you need for sightseeing or window shopping. Opt for a style with a low heel and some colour or sparkle for extra glamour. These can move from day to night or transition between activities easily without the need for packing multiple shoes.


Jogger pants are everywhere and for good reason. They are comfortable and stylish. Select a pair in a lightweight and breathable material that you will feel good in all day long. Purchase them in black to hide stains and go with anything. Pair the joggers with a casual tank top for daytime activities and switch to a top that sparkles for the evening.

Here is a video on travel tips and outfits.

Going on holiday does not need to be stressful and headache-inducing. With a little forethought, you will have a fun time making wonderful memories.

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