Is Your Daily Coffee Getting a Little Boring? Here Are Some Tips To Make It More Exciting


Coffee is an essential beverage for many people these days. It’s seen as a boost of energy to help them get through a rough workday, and it can help perk you up if you’re feeling a little tired or drained. Others just like to drink coffee as part of a routine and some just enjoy the taste of coffee. But no matter what kind of reason you have for drinking coffee, having the same coffee from the same place over and over again can be a little boring sometimes.

So in this post, we’ll be looking at a few tips to make your daily coffee a little more exciting.

Try different kinds of coffee

From bitter coffee drinks to milky coffee with lots of cream and sugar, there are lots of different kinds of coffee and you’ll find that there’s usually something for everyone. You can learn about how the world drinks coffee and try something new, or you could always order a different kind of drink than what you’re used to. Experimenting with different kinds of coffee is one of the first and best ways to make it a little less boring.

Switch away from instant and consider a coffee machine

Instant coffee is perhaps one of the most convenient ways to consume our favourite beverage. The only way to get your coffee faster is to just buy it from the store but that can be a relatively expensive investment if you buy it from a store every single day. It’s much cheaper to make coffee at home yourself, and this is especially handy for all of us that are now stuck working from home and don’t want to go for a coffee run every day.

However, instant coffee can’t always bring out the nuanced flavours of the drink. One of the best ways to level up your coffee game almost immediately is to consider a coffee machine. These typically use ground coffee and filters to make coffee, and most of it is built-in to the machine so all you need is water, coffee grounds, and a pot.

You can even get more expensive machines that can make drinks like a latte at the push of a button. These usually use pods that are much cheaper than buying coffee from a store, but can still be a little expensive if you want the more fancy pods for different drinks.

Get your own grinder and beans instead of buying pre-ground

You can also consider upgrading your at-home coffee setup with a grinder and beans instead of using pre-ground coffee. This makes a huge difference in the taste of your coffee because a lot of the flavors are released as soon as you grind the beans. If they’re used immediately after grinding, then the beans will take on a completely different profile from using pre-ground beans from a supermarket.

Even the smell of the beans will be a lot stronger and different from pre-ground coffee. You’ll create a more interesting flavour and you’ll start to enjoy your coffee routine a little more knowing that your grounds will always be fresh.

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