Bridal Style: Essential Details You Won’t Want To Overlook On Your Big Day

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Excited for all the weddings coming up? S A M E!

If you are getting married or planning to, this is for you?

With all the planning and effort that goes into a wedding, it only makes sense that you will want to look and feel your very best. This means putting just as much attention on your look, like the decor, venue and theme of the day. The good news is you can make sure your wedding day look is perfect by following the advice below. 

Your undergarments 

Choosing the right undergarments for your dress is a simple way of making sure you look your very best at your wedding. This is because your underwear will help shape and support you so your dress fits perfectly all day. 

Of course, the type of dress you plan to water will dictate the best undergarments to choose. For example, if you have a boned bodice, you won’t want to wear a corset underneath as they can rub on each other and warp the fit of your garment. 

However, if you are wearing a light chiffon style dress, you will want undergarments that stretch and protect your modesty, without interfering with the flow of your gown. 

Your shoes 

Shoes are also important to get right when you are tying the knot. Although this can be a bit challenging as they have a lot of demands to fulfil. After all, you will want your shoes to be just as beautiful as your dress, but also comfortable enough to walk and dance the night away. 

Often the best way to get both from your wedding shoes is to buy two pairs. The first can be heeled strappy sandals which will look gorgeous as you walk down the aisle and in your photos. While the second can be a flatter, more comfortable pair you can change into for dancing later on. 

Your engagement ring 

Another important tyle detail for your wedding day is your engagement ring. This is because the tradition for women is to wear their engagement rings on their right ring finger during the service, so the groom can place the wedding band on their left ring finger. 

Of course, as you will be wearing your engagement ring you will want to make sure it’s one that you are delighted with and proud of. With that in mind, opting for something like one of these 3 carat diamond rings can be the ideal choice. The reason is that A 3-carat diamond will provide the perfect amount of impact and sparkle, on your big day while still being suitable for everyday wear.

Your hair 

Lastly, another vital style choice on your wedding day is the hair-do you opt for. Indeed, wedding hair can be a complicated thing and is widely believed to complete the entire look. 

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The best approach here is to find a style that is not only on-trend right now, but that compliments your features and your own personal taste. That may mean something more traditional such as the half up half down curly do, or something a little more boho such as wearing your hair all down with a flower crown atop it

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