Why You Should Take Up The Opportunity To Live and Work Abroad

The opportunity of a lifetime…

Every so often a great opportunity will present itself that you might consider for a while before you fully commit to it. But in reality, what is the harm of just going for it? If a great opportunity arises where you have the opportunity to live and work abroad for a short time, then why not take up the offer immediately. Yes there will be things to consider and plans to organise but sometimes you just need to be a little adventurous. Life is short after all. 

Get To Visit a New Country 

How often are you going to get the chance to live in a bustling city abroad or in a quiet, scenic rural town and enjoy your new surroundings. It will be something else to tick off your list and you can say you have lived and experienced being in a different country which not everybody has to be honest. Also you will have more opportunities to travel as you could then explore other areas of the country whilst living in your new location. 


Expand Your Language Skills 

The ability to learn, speak and write in a different language is not a skill that everyone can do. To prepare for your new adventure you could use Memrise to help you learn Korean for example. At least that way you will grasp the basics and feel fully prepared before the big move to Korea. 

Add More To Your CV 

The next time you go for an interview for a different job you will have life and work experience to add to your CV that perhaps another person will not have, which will make you stand out from other candidates. Living abroad provides you with a multitude of skills that a non language person might not have, such as the ability to switch between languages, translate verbal and written speech, analyse scenarios and think quickly on your feet. 

Make New Friends 

Your life might take a different avenue occasionally but it can sometimes be more fun to be able to make new acquaintances in life. You will still have your friends that you have known for years but it is always nice to be able to add more friendships in your life.  

Challenge Yourself 

You might have the tendency to live in a comfortable, predictable routine but sometimes you just need to have the courage to be able to break away from this and do something different and adventurous that you would not normally do. It will enable you to try new experiences that you perhaps would not have considered before. 

So whether it is attempting a new activity/sport, speaking to a room full of people in the target language or living in a new city, just go for it as you might look back later on life and think to yourself ‘I should have taken that opportunity to live and work abroad’.

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