Six Things To Know About Starting A New Life Abroad

The dream starts here…

If you want to stop being a tourist and to make travel a much bigger part of your life, why not consider making the move a more permanent thing? If there’s a destination you have been wanting to move to, here are a few things you should get to know now, rather than realising you wish you would’ve known it from the start.

Research the visa application process with help

Making your move can be difficult. You need to know the reasons you’re moving and the kinds of visas that you can apply for before you actually start making the application. Working with an immigration lawyer can help you ensure you’re making the choice most suitable for you.

Arrange employment before the move

Some people are lucky enough to move out into the great unknown and land on their feet by finding a place to stay. In most cases, others will find their visas run out or their money runs out and they have to return home. Join professional expat networks and look at overseas job boards to make sure you have at least some form of employment arranged before you move out there.

Get a place to live pronto

You might be surprised by how difficult it can be to find accommodation, so that should be priority number one. Staying in an Airbnb can get very expensive very quickly, and hostels will only let you stay for so long. For some people, becoming an au pair might be a more suitable option but you have to be careful about who you choose to stay with.

Managing your money is going to take work

You’re going to have to get your money working across two currencies for a while. Take the steps to move your finances over as soon as you make the move, such as opening a local bank account. Be sure to budget for additional costs such as international transfer fees, as well. There are budgeting apps especially for expats that can help you manage much more easily.

Getting in and staying are two different things

You might be able to get a visa, get a job, and get a place to live easily enough, but that doesn’t mean that you can stay there. A lot of countries have additional steps, like applying for indefinite leave to remain, that you might have to take later to ensure that you can stay on a more permanent basis. Always be researching the next step to extend the stay.

Leave the door open for your return

Don’t go burning any bridges or making plans that are too permanent before you’ve had the chance to settle and see how you feel about your new home. Some people do make the choice to repatriate (aka move back home) and you don’t want to make it more difficult on yourself than it ought to be.

The tips above are just beginning. Every country is different, as is the move to every country. Get to know the specifics of your destination before you start planning.


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