Are You Damaging Your Skin By Doing These Things?

5 things to check now…

Our skin is the largest, and one of the most vulnerable and delicate organs of our body. Unlike everything else in our body, it is not protected from the outside elements such as pollution and weather, and it is also affected by things that we consume or put onto our skin. The chances are that we are all doing things every day that could be damaging our skin without realising it, and here, we will look at some of them.

#1 Not protecting it from the sun

Wearing sunscreen is not only necessary during the summer months; the sun can harm your skin at any time of year. It will cause your skin to age faster, and there is always the possibility that it will cause cancer. Even if there is snow on the ground, you should wear sunscreen whenever there is a sign of the sun. In fact, it is a good idea to wear it all of the time as you can still burn on a cloudy day.

#2 Smoking

Cigarettes contain carbon dioxide, nicotine, and a variety of other chemicals. These reduce the amount of oxygen that reaches your skin and decrease blood flow. Smoking also lowers some nutrients that your skin requires for repair, such as vitamin C. If you are struggling to quit – and it is a difficult habit to break – look at swapping cigarettes for a pod vape. 

#3 Drinking too much alcohol

Most people are aware that drinking too much alcohol can harm your liver, but few are aware that it can also harm your skin. It dehydrates your body, causing your skin to become dull and lifeless. While it may make you feel good, limit yourself to the odd drink, and aim to drink around two litres of water a day to remain hydrated. Not only will your skin thank you for it, but so will your hair and nails, too.

#3 Eating lots of fatty and greasy foods

We all require good fats in our diets, but these are not found in grease-laden foods such as a burger and fries. While eating this as an occasional treat is fine, it will damage your skin if eaten too often. Antioxidant-rich foods will improve the condition of your skin, so replace your hamburger with blueberries, raspberries, tomatoes, and leafy greens.

#4 Washing with water that is too hot

A hot shower can feel lovely, especially after a long, hard day. However, staying in a hot shower for too long can be terrible for your skin. It will wash away the natural oils on the surface of your skin and leave it feeling dry. Turn the temperature down a little and do not be tempted to stay in too long. As soon as you get out, moisturise the skin all over to lock in the moisture and keep it feeling soft and lovely. 

#5 Not cleaning our phones often enough

Everyone should keep their phone clean on a regular basis. Consider how many times you’ve placed it on a table in a coffee shop, for example. It can pick up germs that you aren’t aware of because they aren’t visible to the naked eye. These can cause infections and breakouts, but they can be avoided if your phone is clean and disinfected.

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