Can You Relight The Fire In Your Relationship?

We all want to know… right?

If you are in a long-term relationship or are married, you may find that you fall into a comfortable rhythm of life over time, and the initial heady spark from when you were first dating has died down somewhat.

While this isn’t true for every couple, there are many people across the world right now who are finding themselves in a relationship where the romance is missing or the love they once shared has fizzled out. But can you relight the fire within your relationship and fall back in love with each other? That is for you to know, But one thing is certain, if you don’t try, you will never know.

In the immortal words of Take That, you need to find a way to “relight my fire” in your relationship.

Be Open

You can’t change things if you aren’t open and honest about what is happening and how you feel. So without any pressure or malice, discuss with your partner or spouse exactly how you are feeling to see if you are both on the same page.

Encourage a two-way conversation that allows you both to safely lay your cards on the table and be completely honest. 

Prioritise Your Relationship

If your relationship is always being pushed aside for other priorities, then there is bound to be some level of discontent between you both. That’s not to say everything should be ignored but paying attention to how much time you dedicate to each and how you work this into your existing commitments can speak volumes about your dedication to each other. 

If you are serious about fixing what is wrong in your relationship, you need to make sure you treat it as a priority and not a chore.

Date Nights

Or rather make time to date. Be it at home, going out to reignite your passion for each other in the bedroom.

Cast your mind back to those early days when you were dating. What thrilled you about each other and turned you on? You need to find that spark between you and date nights that can help you do just this. So book a restaurant, hotel night away from home, or even a day out without the kids. Spend some time alone with each other.

Pay attention to the smaller details, such as making an effort. Dress up, put an ice outfit on or wear makeup or perfume if you wish. Invest in some plus size sexy lingerie to entice your other half and remind them why they fell in love with you in the first place.

It’s Never Too Late to Flirt

You don’t need to flirt with someone if you’re married or in a long-term relationship, do you? Flirting is just as important in a relationship years later as it was when you first met. Perhaps even more.

A little mutual flirtation can help your marriage by replacing spicing up the day-to-day grind of family life with something guaranteed to put a smile on both your faces.

There are numerous ways to flirt with your partner, so choose your favourite! You can leave notes for each other to find, try to look attractive for each other, share secret in-jokes, or tell your partner how attractive you still find them.

After all, who doesn’t want to believe they are still desirable? It’s a pretty heady feeling that can change a pattern of negative communication and replace it with a much healthier style of interaction – and can certainly bring the spark back into your relationship in all the right places!


Open and reciprocal communication is a must if you are trying to recapture the love you reared was gone. Mutual respect for each other can go a long way to reigniting how you feel. Knowing you can communicate your needs and desires effectively now and in the future can help avoid you ending up in this situation again.

Try to approach tough topics calmly and clearly and express your feelings without being resentful or attacking your spouse or partner. After all, if they don’t know how you feel and vice versa, you cannot change things.


It is never too late to review and relationship and relight that fire that you both once had for each other. Starting today to lay the groundwork and make the changes to reconnect with each other isn’t a one-time conversation and will require work, patience and commitment from both parties. But the result will definitely be worth the effort you put into saving your relationship.

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