Dealing With Dinner When You’re Too Tired To Cook

Too tired to cook?

Very few of us are living the lifestyle where one person has the time to be a full-time domestic goddess. We have jobs, education, side hustles, and more. Even if you are a stay-at-home mom, you got your hands full. Being expected to prepare a masterful meal after that can be a little far-fetched. Sometimes, we’re just too tired to cook. But reaching for the takeout menu isn’t the healthiest or most economic way to make sure that you have food on the table. Here are a few better ways to deal with dinner when you’re a little too tired to cook.

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Prep ahead of time

One of the best habits to get into when it comes to your dinners throughout the week is the importance of food prep. Casseroles, pies, lasagnas, pasta bakes, and all sorts can easily be reheated again once they have been cooked. So long as you keep your fridge clean and healthy, you can cook big batches of a meal that you love and chill plates for the day after if you know that you’re going to be busy and you’re not likely going to have the energy to prepare a meal. There are some foods that you want to avoid reheating, of course, like pork, so do your research on which meals are safe to heat up a second time.

Know your quick-n-easy recipes

Sometimes you get caught off guard and you don’t have time to prepare a bunch of meals ahead of time. If you find yourself short on time before dinner and you’re not up for spending hours on a meal, then you should get to know some really quick and easy meals to make like this chicken caprese recipe. All you have to do is search for things like “20-minute recipes” and you will see a plethora of meals that you can make in no time. All it takes is a little practice to get sharp enough to complete them in no time flat.

Invest in a pressure cooker

You don’t need to get very fancy when it comes to your recipes if you also have some of the most convenient tools out there. There are two in particular that are worth investing in: one is the food processor to make sure you never have to chop again unless you want to. More important, however, is the pressure cooker. Like a slow cooker, pressure cookers are great for choosing any kind of sauce or stock, meat, the veg that you want, and cooking them all up together with very little effort. However, unlike the slow cooker, there’s nothing slow about a pressure cooker. Take a look at some of the things you can make in it for quick, easy meals that you don’t need to monitor all that closely.

With the tips above, you can make sure that you have delicious and nutritious meals on the table every day of the week, whether it’s just for you or for the family. It doesn’t always need to be a huge chore.


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