Always Running Late? Here’s How to Get Dressed Fast Each Day!

Each and every day…

You’re probably reading this blog post because its title resonates with something that annoys you about your life. Let’s face it: some folks just aren’t morning people and would instead get up slowly and later in the morning.

The trouble is, if you have to get ready and out the door each morning for work at a specific time, your employment’s start time can be incompatible with your desired approach to getting up each day!

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The good news is you can make some slight adjustments or “life hacks” to help you get dressed and out the door quicker each day. Some of the following ideas might surprise you, while others are just common sense! Here’s what you need to do:


Organise Your Bedroom

Firstly, it makes sense to organise your bedroom so that everything has a proper place and all your clothing and other belongings are within easy reach. After all, you don’t want to spend each morning wasting time looking for specific items!

For example, a wardrobe with shelving makes it easy to hang up your clothes and fold away anything like underwear. You could also look at mirrored dressing tables to make it easier for attending to your daily beauty routines.

You should also have at least one bedside table for an alarm clock and for somewhere to put your watch and smartphone down at night before you go to bed.


Prepare Your Attire the Night Before

Many people often spend too much time deciding what to wear, whether it’s for work or a social occasion. You can combat that problem by selecting what you wish to wear before you go to sleep.

You can then put your clothes in a pile or hang them up somewhere in your bedroom within easy reach. That way, when you wake up in the morning, your clothing is ready for you to wear.


Eat Breakfast Before You Get Dressed

You might think that getting dressed first before you eat your breakfast is a better idea. However, if you drop something on your freshly laundered and pressed clothing, you’ll then have to choose something else to wear and change, adding unnecessary delay to your day.

That’s why it makes better sense to eat your breakfast before you get dressed. If you spill something on your pyjamas, it doesn’t matter because you will wear different ones when you’re ready for bed later in the evening.


Prepare in Advance for Bad Weather

One final tip – if you take public transport to your workplace or wherever you have to go in the morning, you don’t want to end up getting soaked before you arrive. With that in mind, it makes sense to prepare in advance for bad weather.

How can you do that? The answer is simple: check the weather forecast on your mobile phone! You can then put aside clothing appropriate to the forecasted weather conditions. Plus, you’ll have the correct outer garments to wear, such as a waterproof coat.


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