5 Self-Care Tips For The Independent Lady

Now more than ever, it’s important to care for yourself.

After over a year of turmoil (and probably a lot more time spent by yourself than before) now is the time to assess your self-care. How do you make yourself feel loved and cared for? By removing your reliance on others and focusing on how you can work on yourself, you’re creating a healthier, more sustainable practice for yourself. So, to get yourself feeling good (or feeling even better than you are now), follow these 5 simple tips. 

Get organised

Doesn’t sound like self-care, but it is. This doesn’t mean you need to plan every second of every day. But it does mean that you can plan out your day/week/month and mark out things that will make you feel good. Do you feel better when you’ve got all your work done earlier in the week? Or do you want to find a way to get in five walks a week? Then plan those things. Getting a wall planner up can help you see your time and keep you doing the things you need to do to feel good. 

Get moving 

Staying active is such an important act of self-care. For some, that could mean long runs every weekend and strenuous HIIT workouts each work day. For others, that’s a gentle morning walk. Whatever your chosen activity is, make time for it. By moving your body you’ll release endorphins, get in touch with your body and you’ll likely boost your mood. Never underestimate the strength and positivity you can get from a simple workout. 

Get passionate  

Indulging your passions and exploring activities or topics that get you inspired can be such a great act of self-care. Whether that’s discovering the best Philly cheesesteaks in the area or learning a language, lose yourself in your project and experience the joy that comes with it. If nothing comes to mind immediately, now is a great time to explore different topics and find something you enjoy. It could be puzzles or pottery or knitting or cycling – there’s something out there for everyone. 

Get nourished 

Looking after your mind also means looking after your body. One of the best acts of self-care is looking after what you’re eating. That doesn’t mean you have to ‘eat clean’, but it does mean being aware of what you put in your body. Craving sweets? Maybe you can learn to bake your favourite cake. Feeling sluggish? Consider your current diet and make changes that will help you feel energised. Upping the number of veggies you consume is also never a bad idea. 

Get calm 

Mindfulness meditation can be a real game-changer. Like a hug for your mind, learning how to take mindful moments and sit with your breath is one of the biggest acts of self-care. You can discover inner peace within yourself and learn how to love yourself properly, without the input of others. There are apps and books that can help, or you can learn from a teacher. 


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