An Easter Without Chocolate? You Can Do It


We’ve just had Pancake Day and are kicking off the six weeks until the Easter break – and all the kids are excited about the Easter bunny coming to leave the trail of eggs for them to find. The thing is, if you are trying to cut back on the sweets and you want to be able to enjoy the holiday, it’s time to think of all the ways that you can have fun at Easter without chocolate.


Instead of spending the whole of the Easter break scoffing down chocolate bunnies and eggs, you can engage in other Easter traditions that involve gorgeous kids Easter shirts, bunny hunts with prizes instead of chocolate and making hot crossed buns with the kid. Sometimes, it’s nice to do something different at Easter time, and we’ve got some epic suggestions to make the holiday as fun as possible without the sugar high!

Here’s how…

Go Away! For the Easter break, give the kids a vacation. A mini break over the Easter weekend is a good time to get out to the beach and have fun together. You can road trip your way to your destination if you don’t want to fly, and those shorter trips can be a lot of fun for the kids. You’ll be able to make a list of things to do and have as much fun as possible while you are away.

Be A Tourist. If you’re not planning to go away anywhere, challenge the kids to do some research on the city you live in and pick some attractions to go to to enjoy your Easter time.

Pack Little Eggs. Your kids may have seen the videos on YouTube of other children unpacking plastic Easter eggs filled with toys and other goodies. You can order empty plastic eggs on Amazon and fill them with toys from the cheaper stores, or you can have fun with 24 eggs filled with the pieces from a 24-piece jigsaw. At the end of the hunt, your kids have a new puzzle to put together! It’s exciting and it gives them something to keep looking for.

Buy PJs. If you want to give your children a gift during Easter but you want to stay away from the chocolate eggs, why not gift clothes? Chocolate eggs are temporary but PJs will last them until they grow out of them!

Bake Together. For a fun Easter activity, you can get the kids involved in making hot crossed buns, Easter cakes and nests with melted chocolate and rice krispies. You can still enjoy chocolate this way, but not at the same level as before. Baking together is a wonderful bonding activity and it gives you the chance to have fun and still make something delicious!

Easter is a time for togetherness and you don’t have to be religious to enjoy the Easter weekend. Making memories is as important as enjoying your favourite chocolate and candy. Keep the kids happy and healthy and choose any of these activities over the chocolate overdose!


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