Eye-Catching Bling Trends For 2021


With 2021 now in full swing, many of us are thinking about style – and what we’re going to wear as things start returning to normal. As always jewellery should be right at the top of your list of priorities, but what trends can we expect to see over the coming months? Check them out below: 

Irregular Pearls

When you think of pearls, what comes to mind? Usually, it’s a round, white pearlescent sphere. 

But classically-shaped pearls are getting a bit of a makeover in 2021. Designers are now experimenting with irregular shapes – more like the type you’d find if you opened clams yourself. 

When you think about it, it’s a little strange that slightly odd-shaped pearls didn’t come along earlier. After all, we’ve had irregular jewellery for a long time now. But now we’re starting to see more brands focusing on them, in preparation for a wave of purchases over the summer. 

Moonstone Jewellery

A few years ago, relatively few people had even heard of moonstones. The birthstone was pretty much off the radar. 

Now, though, this interesting jewel is becoming more popular – and for good reasons. The stone is interesting to look at and goes well with practically any outfit. 

Moonstones are also relatively inexpensive – even if you buy a large stone. However, what really counts is the quality of the metal that goes with it. You’ll pay more for solid white gold and intricate patterning. 

Pexels – CC0 License

Ethical Diamonds

If you thought ethical diamonds were a hit last year, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Ethical diamonds from brands like Jacob Mercari are going to be making their way into our collections this year. 

What’s amazing about the current diamond market is how it is opening up. For years, sole producers limited supplies. But now we’re seeing more independent players in the market, and that’s helping matters a great deal. 

Pexels – CC0 License

Intricate Sterling Silver

Sterling silver has always been a great option for anyone on a budget. But thanks to artisan producers, it’s becoming a lot more interesting. Designers are applying their metal-working skills to come up with concepts that not only look great but are also unique. 

The range of sterling silver jewelry available right now is quite considerable. Brooches, earrings, necklaces, rings, and anklets are all helping to bring that white-gold-like appeal to more women’s collections. 

Sterling silver also fits in nicely with the current vintage trend. Even brand new pieces have an aged quality about them. Popular styles at the moment include teardrop earrings and oversized brooch pins. 

Big Statement Rings

Next time you browse a look at a fashion magazine, pay close attention to the rings that the models are wearing on their fingers. In the past, a single neutral band would have sufficed. But in 2021, it’s all change. We’re seeing many more oversized statement rings hit the market. 

Chunky rings are kind of edgy. They’re a rare piece of jewelry that really says something about your character and personality. So why not skip your understated ring collection and try standing out? 


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