6 Tourist Attractions Where You’re Likely to Get Robbed

Photo: Spirited Pursuit

When touring in another country, you have to know all of the rules. Bringing protection is great, but it still requires comprehensive LTC courses. With the extra training, you won’t stand out like a regular tourist. Keep your mind sharp, and these 6 tourist attractions will provide great memories. 


1. Eiffel Tower

When you plan a trip to France, the Eiffel Tower in Paris is one of the biggest attractions. It is an imposing figure, and one of the most important historical locations in France. The gardens around the tower are full of people gazing up and looking at this beautiful sight. It can get a bit congested with all of the people in one area. So, while you’re looking up, a potential thief is looking for an opportunity. Thieves that want to catch tourists off-guard will blend in with the rest of the crowd. 


2. Central Park

New York city is the city that never sleeps. In Central Park, you are in an area that always has something new around the corner. One thing that you’ll notice about Central Park is that there are new faces there every day. It’s a place that everyone likes to hang out at, and as a result that makes tourists stand out like a sore thumb.


3. Walt Disney World

The greatest theme park of all time will always have a few stories to tell. Thanks to good security, thieves are minimal at Walt Disney World. But scammers are harder to track, and that is what you’ll deal with in this area. From scalpers to fake personnel, there will always be someone willing to part you with your money. Being smart about transactions prevents this, even when dealing with the more aggressive types. 


4. Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a marvelous place. Although the Canyon is breathtaking, reaching it is only half the fun. A Grand Canyon experience is all about creating a story to tell that will last a lifetime. And that is why you shouldn’t be surprised when some of those stories include lost items. Losing items on the trail is nothing new. Good Samaritans will usually report lost goods and items. But when that fails, don’t be surprised when someone tries to sell you your lost items. 


5. Las Vegas Strip

There is nothing like the Las Vegas Strip. Once you go, no other trip will compare in spectacle. The first type of robbery will come from the usual scammers and thieves that mark tourists. The second type of robbery will come from inflated prices due to being on the strip. Prepare well for both, and you’ll find the Vegas strip irresistible.  


6. Bourbon Street

In New Orleans, a lot of the tourist action happens on Bourbon Street. There is a lot of drinking, partying and dancing. Public intoxication is not illegal, and this leads to situations where you can make bad decisions. Phones are the most frequently lost item by tourists on Bourbon Street. 


Wrap Up

Any place in the world can be dangerous when you don’t have situational awareness. A LTC adds another layer of protection that can help when things go wrong. A good deterrent always starts by looking ahead rather than hoping for the best. 


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