Top Wanderlust Destinations for 2021

Top Wanderlust Destinations for 2021

With most of the world forced to stay closer to home in 2020, many are looking to travel safely in 2021. Many of us cancelled and/or postponed travel plans in 2020. We are ready for our next adventures. Although 2020 has allowed us to discover a lot of the beauty close to home such as neighbourhood parks, hiking trails, and gardens, it is wonderful to leave home too, exploring new cultures, climates, and of course good food and drink. As a way to inspire you to plan a getaway in 2021, I have created a top three list of wanderlust destinations. Let’s get ready to adventure in 2021! My bags are already packed.

Life is Better at the Beach

As I know my readers are across the world, I wanted to start with an easy wanderlust teaser. Who doesn’t love the beach? Whether you enjoy playing in the water, building sandcastles, sunning your bum, or sipping on an adult beverage, it doesn’t get much better than life on a beach. Across Europe, there are countless beautiful beaches. Some that immediately come to mind are in Greece and Southern Spain. However, I didn’t want to limit your 2021 wanderlust to only one continent. How about exploring the island of salsa, rum, and cigars? Cuba has some amazing beaches. And, so does the West Coast of the United States. California has some jaw dropping beaches. Find your perfect beach with this great resource article about the most popular beaches across the world.

Fall in Love with Barcelona

Everybody falls in love with Paris, but I fell in love with Barcelona. I bet you will too. If you have not been to Barcelona, Spain before, please get there in 2021. Barcelona is a modern city bustling with art around every corner as well as delicious Mediterranean food. No visit to Barcelona is complete without sampling all of the lovely tapas and wines at La Boqueria, a food lover’s paradise. Plus, the city has many museums showcasing world-renowned artists from Picasso to Gaudi as well as wonderful parks and promenades like Las Ramblas. I highly recommend these seven places to visit on a trip to Barcelona. 

Can You Say Aloha?

One of the most magical places on the planet is Hawaii. With beautiful beaches, lush mountains, countless waterfalls, volcanoes, and water sports galore, Hawaii is a paradise for honeymooners, babymooners, adventure lovers, families, couples, and solo travellers alike. Recently, Hawaii opened up travel from the mainland U.S. and other countries. Find out how you can live aloha and travel to Hawaii in 2020 and 2021: Maui, Kauai, Big Island, and/or Oahu.

Travel is a way to explore another culture, but also yourself. Travel has been proven by artists, authors, and thought leaders to continually challenge yourself and get to know yourself outside of your normal routine. I hope that your 2021 plans include some beautiful adventures close to home, but also to some beaches, perhaps landing in some of my favorite places. I’m heading out on the road to explore some new places too. I’ll share what I find.


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