Styling Floral Dresses

Summer may have departed, but it won’t be long before

it is time to start thinking about our spring and summer wardrobe once more. When it comes to dressing up your spring and summer wardrobe, you will no doubt be looking for floral dresses

But floral dresses can be worn all year round. While they are more of a spring and summer style, they can help to shake off some of the gloom of the colder months of the year. 

Florals are a great idea in theory, but in practice, they can be a bit of a challenge to pull off. They are often hectic in their design and full of vibrant colours. Finding the right colours to match your skin tone can be tough. 

In this article, we’ll look at how versatile the floral print dress is as well as how you can style them. 


Choosing A Flattering Print 

It is important that you find a floral print that matches your body and your style. Whether you are looking at small or large flowers, spaced out or closer together, with or without blossoms, vines and clusters and in what shade your print will be. There are so many choices, it makes it hard to pick. 

If you have a petite body type, then you will find that larger flowers will be more flattering to your body type. Larger floral patterns don’t tend to flatter shapely women too well. 

If you have an average body type, go for a mixture of larger and smaller patterns. If you find that a design is not so flattering, you could break this up with a belt or even a scarf. 

White backgrounds on dresses are ideal for hiding any bulges while darker backgrounds will give you a more tapered and slimmer look. 

Pairing Floral Dresses With Neutral Tones   

Whatever style of floral dress you choose, what you pair it with is important. Floral dresses that have an all-over design that is spread uniformly across the entire dress should be paired with neutral colours.  

These include blacks, beiges, white, nude, and silver and these will complement floral patterns. These colours are often easily found in your wardrobe. Think about using these neutral colours on your shoes, handbags, jewellery, belts, and scarf. 

If You Are Daring, Mix Up Your Patterns 

If you want to be daring, why not mix up your patterns? Drop the neutral tones and throw in some alternative patterns. 

Pairing your floral dress with accessories that are striped can really work. Think about really going to town on the contrasting patterns to really mix things up. 

Pick Out A Colour From Your Dress And Use It

Your other option when it comes to pairing items with your floral dress is to pick out a bold colour from the flowers and have all of your accessories to match that colour. This will really accentuate the colour of the flowers from the dress. 

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