7 Great Places to Visit On A Trip To Barcelona

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Barcelona is a must-see city anytime you visit Spain. Expect nothing but the captivating scenes of nature, shopping avenues, exciting nightlife, and beautiful cultural exhibitions. If you’re thinking of getting off the beaten track and exploring Barcelona on foot and you don’t want to drag around your heavy suitcases, there are many options for luggage storage in Barcelona that are not too costly. But if you prefer to stick to the tourist delights, here is a list of seven top places to visit on your holiday, for an all-round exciting and memorable trip.


Casa Batllo

Casa Batllo is a modern museum with an exquisite and interesting design with tiles made of scales of the great dragon. It was designed by Antoni Gaudi in 1904. It is located in the central part of Barcelona. The building is sculpted stonework, designed with a colourful mosaic of broken tiles, with a roof shaped like the back of a dragon, a beautiful sight to behold. The interior of the building is composed of sandstone floors and multi-coloured stained windows. Casa Batllo is indeed a beauty, with its stunning night view – no wonder it is listed as one of the UNESCO Heritage sites in Barcelona.


Casa Mila

Another name for Casa Mila is La Pedrera. This is because of the shape of the building, which resembles a quarry. It is also a UNESCO world masterpiece designed by Gaudi. It has modern remodelling and unique, innovative designs. Casa Mila has classic furnishings and contemporary designs. It has an underground car park and top-notch apartments for rent. It is indeed a beautiful sight to behold which you wouldn’t want to miss out on your visit to Barcelona.


La Boqueria

La Boqueria is a big marketplace in Barcelona. It is located en route from the Ramblas and has attracted lots of attention from tourists and holiday lovers. It is very popular in Barcelona province with local restaurants and a variety of foodstuffs on sale. This includes fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, meat, fish, and milk. There is amazing and tasty seafood for seafood lovers. El Quim de la Boqueria, Bar Pinotxo, and Bar Bamblero are top restaurants to enjoy your meals located at La Boqueria Market. You can enjoy a bottle of beer with your friends after your long walks.


Park Guell

Park Guell is truly a fun place to visit for the whole family. It is a public park, free and open to all. It is located on Carmell Hill and was officially opened in 1926 – since then it has also gained the status of a UNESCO Heritage site. Park Guell is full of architectural designs, a natural theme park, and beautiful gardens. It has a beautiful landscape with artistic buildings.

The Park Guell also stocks a variety of animals including birds and exotic species of parrots. There are fountains, mosaic designs, and sculptures. Be ready for the ultimate Gaudi experience.


Barcelona City History Museum

This is a historic museum that shows off the rich history and heritage of Barcelona. It displays archaeological and historic exhibitions about Barcelona’s past and ancient remains. Barcelona City History Museum preserves some ancient Roman sites, including Placa Del Rei, the Temple of Augustus, The Domus of Saint Honorat and Santa Caterina. If you love archaeology and history, this is a must on your places to visit list.


Fundacio Joan Miro

This is an ideal place for art and archaeology lovers. Fundacio Joan Miro is a museum established by Artist Joan Miro. The museum is located on a hill of Montjuic in Barcelona. The artistic building displays the cultural heritage of Barcelona with spirit and style. The museum was set up to promote modern and contemporary art in Barcelona. The art museum displays sculptures and art paintings and exhibitions. It is a great medium to learn about Barcelona’s history through art.



This is a lively area composed of small Catalonian towns. Indeed it’s a very stylish, vibrant, and cosmopolitan place with lots of artists and young people. You can find lots of bars, cafes, and shops to indulge in a shopping spree. Gracia gives you a more local travel experience. The Gracia nightlife is a sight to behold with lots of restaurants and bars operating late into the night. Enjoy your favourite Japanese and Spanish meals with delight.


Make your trip worthwhile and create unforgettable memories, when you visit these spectacular sights in Barcelona. A perfect getaway and an ultimate travel experience awaits you.


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