Visiting Ireland: Here Is Why There Is No Better Time Than During the Summer Solstice

This summer we might have to drop our plans for far-flung holidays, but there are hidden gems close to home that will soon be available.

One of these, and we know it, is Ireland. While different from Ibiza and the classic summer holiday destination, Ireland has its fair share of beautiful landscapes, delicious food, and opportunities for joining a party. 

However, if you are in search of the ultimate experience in this country, plan to visit during the Summer Solstice. This festival that usually takes place on the 20th of June carries ancient meanings and traditions that are worth witnessing – at least once in a lifetime. During the celebrations of the arrival of summer, you can join music festivals, feats, and bonfires around the towns and villages of the island. 

In some special locations such as the Hill of Tara, you can witness Celtic celebrations and festivals that bring back the original meaning of the Summer Solstice. Indeed, locals still take this opportunity to welcome the arrival of summer, protect their crops from evil spirits and leave prayers to the pagan goddess Etain. 

While it might not be the holiday you had planned for this summer, it can be much more interesting than what you had in mind. During the weekend’s celebrations, you can take a trip from Dublin and explore the beautiful countryside. On your way back, take the time to admire the latest sunset of the year from a rooftop bar in the city. Perfect to enjoy with your friends, family, or little ones, such a getaway can turn out to be everything you needed to celebrate the beginning of your summer!

Learn more about the meaning of this festival below!

Infographic designed by Celtic Cross

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