Body Positivity – Fetishisation or Flattery?


Look aware now if hard truths which shake everything you have previously learned is not something you are ready to address…

Because I am. As a plus size influencer who dabbles in modelling every now and again and also if known for vision, confidence and image marketing – I have to be honest with you. I struggle with the views and comments of people when I post an image much like the ones in this post. So my first question is, why are different body types met with different opinions?

My issue with the terms and actions of fetishisation or flattery are that it has little positive sentiment when placed on another’s body without permission. That’s any body of any type, shape and/or ability. These terms also tend to assume a position of power. Do you agree?

If a smaller body/ model/ person posts a similar image to the one above, why is it’s worthy of respect and classed as flattering… artistic even and acceptable? However when a curvier model/ figure does the same, it’s sometimes seen as inappropriate or brave, attention-seeking, grotesque etc etc as the list continues?

Why have we been trained to use these labels on certain body tips and to run with the stigmas associated with them? Why do we continue to choose these over acceptance of all body shapes without judgement?

Who has the right to judge a fat body in an image as distasteful or on the other hand, an image of Jess Hunt, Teyana Taylor or Miss Joslin as trendy/ fashionable?

I’m definitely not here for it. So while you mull this over, enjoy theses image of me in LoveHoney lingerie which has been tailored to fit all sizes.


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