How To Look Good On A Video Call

Facetime – Zoom – Whats App – Skype – Microsoft Teams – Twitch – Houseparty – Instagram Live whatever you use, here’s how you look good on video calls!

Scroll through for your guide to achieving a flawless FaceTime face—then go chat someone you love! 

Spruce Up Your Space

This one may sound simple, but Vargas says to stand in front of a cute background. It makes it more interesting, so that the sole visual focus isn’t every single aspect of your face. Got a pretty painting or tapestry? Park yourself there. The background can be a distraction from how big you think your nose appears to the opposite party.

“Choose good lighting,” says Vargas. “The brighter the better. You want to avoid dim lights that cause shadows.” In other words, you don’t want to look like you’re filming a low-budget horror movie. Face a window head on with the back of the screen facing the window. Thank me later.

Find Your Good Side

“Angle is key. We all have a best side. Choose your favourite ‘selfie’ side,” she says. Hey, it’s an excuse to practice more #selfies, right?

Define Your Lashes

“The picture is not sharp on FaceTime, so you want your lashes bold enough to show,” Vargas says. “Studio Fix Bold Lash by MAC is my go-to mascara. The brush combs and separates every single lash and gives amazing length. Your lashes will definitely look sharp in that blurry screen.”

Oil Up

This is the year that your skin is living – why? Because you aren’t tampering with it as much as you usually would if you were on the go, so take that philosophy with you each and every time you join that video call. Applying an oil to your face, hair and the rest of your body after tapping/ pinching yourself all over makes the world of difference, sometimes even more than makeup does. I personally love cold-pressed Avocado Oil or Shea Butter (in any form) If oil is too much, try a serum and ease into a natural oil from there.

Blush Away

If you are going to wear make up, “apply a cream blush on the apples of your cheeks to add colour and a healthy natural glow. FaceTime tends to wash you out,” Vargas says. “I love Jouer Cosmetics’ Tint in Petal. It’s a soft rose pink. You can apply it with your fingertips, it’s easy to blend, and it won’t look too harsh on screen. It gives your skin a fresh dewy look.” If you don’t have any or want to learn to limit your makeup application during this time, keep it simple… pinch your cheeks or for darker skin ___

No Neon

“Coral-pink lipstick looks great on everyone. My favourite is Niagara by NARS,” Vargas says. “It will give you enough pop and color and won’t look over-done.” She warns against using any neon pinks and oranges: “If you want to stay more natural, simply use a sheer shine lip gloss.”

Fake It

Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer will make the toughest dark circles disappear as well as any blemishes or scars,” says Vargas. “A little goes a long way! You can apply it with your fingertips by lightly pressing it on the skin. You will look like you’ve had 8 hours of sleep.”



As much as most of us won’t like to admit it… getting properly dressed DOES make a difference to your appearance on a video call but most importantly your confidence and therefore your performance both on a call, at work or in any instance – even if its a call with friends or a video date (yes, we said it!) You don’t have to go all out though… simply dress from the waist up BUT if you are going to do this, make sure you stay glued to your seat even if a delivery comes to the door. I don’t need to share those incriminating videos being shared online do I? Hella embarrassing – just don’t do it!

Now a question from me… once this is all over, what’s the first thing you are going to do?


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