Staples For Men – Simple, Stylish Options

Written by the girl who loves the men’s department

There are some items of every person’s wardrobe that are absolute classics. However, there is likely a range of horrific fashion decisions too.

Maybe it is that pair of flares that you used to live in and just can’t bear to part with. Or maybe you are a lover of the crocs and socks fashion movement, however fashion is just what we get shown four times a year. Style is something personal.

Whenever you’re stuck for something completely different. But not everybody has a natural style. 

Sometimes it takes having the right classics in your wardrobe for you to be able to make great choices every day. There are a few things that are tried and tested and should have a place in your wardrobe.


A plain white button-down shirt is probably the epitome of an eternal classic. There are almost no items of clothing that won’t go with this classic. In fact, some people can even style them with loungewear. A classic white button-down shirt can be worn with a suit, under a jumper, by itself with a pair of plain chinos. 

You can even wear them with jeans for a more dressed down look. Try to invest in one or two of a slightly thicker soft cotton.

Wherever the white shirt will work, a blue shirt works too. Pale blue tends to look really good on pretty much everybody. 

The Suit

When you really want to look and feel the part the go-to item of clothing is going to be a suit. Make sure that you have one or two well-fitting suits that can go with your staple shirts. 

Ideally, you should get something tailored. But you can just as easily get something off the rack and then have that altered to fit rather than spend a huge budget on a suit. 

Depending on the industry that you’re working in/ play in, there might be certain expectations concerning single or double-breasted, pinstripes, or maybe more or fewer accessories. In the end, a grey suit is usually something that can be used for multiple different occasions.


Probably my favourite garment as this and a pair of shoes really cements an outfit together.

If there was a classic here it would be the Burberry Mac. Although you could pretty much pick up any Burberry jacket and it will be perfect. The other two items that you can consider are a blazer or a sports jacket. It will depend on the occasion as to which one is most appropriate to wear. And if you like to have an edge to your clothing, a leather jacket is a classic that will never die.



As for shoes, ideally, you only need some simple sneakers, like classic white Converse. And for more dressed up, looks Oxfords, or Chelsea boots are perfect but again this depends on whether you like to reflect your personality in your footwear as I often do. 

It depends where you tend to go for your evening drinks, and any work do’s – not everyone has the luxury of going to places that will let you in with more casual trainers. So having a backup is perfect.



One final notice, don’t skimp on the quality of the jeans that you buy. Jeans should last years and when they fit well, and they wash well, they will become part of your staples. So there you have it, a few wardrobe essentials that can make dressing up or down as easy as possible.

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