What to Know Before Buying a Midi Dress

What to Know Before Buying a Midi Dress You Ask…

There are a lot of options when dress shopping. It is hard to know which dress will suit you best. Yet, buying a dress you know you will wear is important. You don’t want to waste your money. An easy answer is to purchase a dress type that already has a reputation for excellence. For instance, many people love mid-calf length midi dresses.

Midi Dresses Are Popular Mood-Matching Dresses

One reason everyone loves a midi dress is midi dresses are highly adaptable. One dress can match multiple moods, venues and needs. Altering your shoe choice and pulling different accessories out of your closet can change how the same dress looks from one day to the next. That means a single dress can give you multiple new outfit options and be a great investment.

Midi Dresses Can be Constant Go-To Dresses

Another thing to know about midi dresses is they can be constant go-to dresses in any situation. Some of them can even work in any weather. You just have to purchase one that offers that amount of versatility. Not every midi dress is equally versatile, so that can take some hunting.

Things That Make a Midi Dress Versatile

There are several things that can make one midi dress more versatile than another. One is pattern. A patterned dress can be difficult to accessorise. The pattern itself can also make you appear short or hide your body shape, in some cases. Such a dress is not usually appropriate for certain situations, such as going on a date. Conversely, a solid coloured midi dress is highly versatile because you can easily match it to various footwear and accessories to create different mix ‘n match ensembles.

Material and general design are also factors in the versatility or lack thereof of a midi dress. For example, a dress with a tight skirt might be uncomfortable in some situations. The same is true of a dress with long sleeves. A short-sleeved dress with a loose skirt shape is often more comfortable to wear for long periods of time and in various situations. 

Layering Adds Even More Versatility to a Midi Dress

A short-sleeved midi dress with a comfortable shape, such as an A-Line, also lends itself well to the process of layering. You can use everything from socks or tights to sweaters and jackets to augment the dress and stay warm when it’s chilly. Those same accessories used out of necessity can also be used to make fun fashion statements. They completely change the appearance of the dress. That means you can wear the same dress all year but style it to always look different and fun.

Defining Your Figure in a Midi Dress

One small downside of a midi dress is it may not have enough definition on its own. Your figure can get a bit lost in certain midi dress colours or patterns. To define your figure more and break up the appearance of the dress, a simple step like adding a belt can make all the difference. A belt or sash draws the eye to your waist. It provides definition and helps to accentuate your hips.

Another aspect of your figure you have to pay attention to when wearing a midi dress is your legs. If you want your legs to look their best, do not wear a midi dress that ends at the thickest part of your calves. Make sure the hemline is slightly off from that point. That way your legs will not look chopped off or unflattering in any way.

The Final Word on Midi Dress Selection

Ultimately, these are only tips. A large part of selecting the right midi dress for you is intuition and personal preference, especially since footwear and accessories can help you turn almost any midi dress into the one you want. Rule nothing out based on the above rules alone because there are times when rules can be broken. For example, changing your footwear can help you make a midi dress look exactly the way you want it to, as can altering your accessories or layering.

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