Couples Counselling 101

If you’re in a relationship then couples counselling should be something to consider. If things are running smoothly you might think that it’s a waste of time, but therapists say that couples counselling is good at any point during a relationship and it’s never a bad thing to stop in for an appointment. 

Below were going to have a look at how couples counselling can be positive for even the happiest couples: 


It Keeps You Healthier As A Couple Physically And Mentally 

Maintaining a happy, deeply connected relationship is important to your health just as much as a workout. Research suggests that unhappily married couples who are already considering using divorce solicitors experience more health problems overall. In general, couples who are happily married, especially men, are healthier overall. So, if you’re someone who regularly goes to the gym it may be time to swap out a few sessions for one or two couples therapy sessions too. 

It Can Take You From Good To Great 

Therapy isn’t just for a dysfunctional relationship, it’s also there to make a good relationship great. Couples who are smart are aware the stress and tension are a normal part of any relationship and will strive to achieve resilience against this instead of waiting for problems to blow up and rely on the repair process. Some couples choose to use a therapy session as a way to ease transitions that are happening within a relationship, these can be a thing such as a new baby arriving, a change of a job or moving home. It’s a way for them to discuss their feelings and come out of the adjustment stronger. 

You Become A More Active Participant In Your Relationship

We all constantly try to improve on areas in our life, we have hobbies and for a lot of us continue education for work needs. We stay in shape by looking after our diet and exercise but when it comes to relationships we seem to want to more from our partner than we put in ourselves. At times you may need help or practice at becoming a more commitment and reliable partner and that’s ok, couple therapy can give you the help you need to become a more active participant in your relationship and help you to support each other in more than one way. 

You Can Learn How To Communicate Better 

Couples therapy is great for couples in any stage of their relationship. It has the ability to promote healthy communication whether you have been together for 6 months, 6 years or 25 years. It’s not designed for just when problems arise. Couples who attend couples therapy are ale to sharpen their communication skills and it provides them with the tools to keep to one side for if problems ever do happen. It gives couples a safe, open place to address any complaints and learn how each other communicate naturally. 

In conclusion, you should never see couples therapy as a way to overcome problems, it’s a great tool for all couples to utilise in order to build great foundations and a fantastic communication platform. 

Have you and your partner ever been to couples therapy? Please share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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