Planning an Alternative Trip for 2020

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January is the most popular month of the year when it comes to booking holidays. There are great offers and many of us like to schedule something into our calendars to look forward to! Now, many of us will go for a standard holiday. We’ll book a package trip with flights and accommodation – and potentially food included – and jet off to somewhere warm. But it’s important to remember that this isn’t your only travel option. Instead, why not mix things up this year and opt for an alternative getaway? Here are a few options you might not have considered before!


A surprisingly small number of people go camping. But it’s such a great trip! Staycations are on the rise and increasing numbers of people are seeing as it a great opportunity to immerse themselves in nature and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Here are a few steps you can take to get your camping planning underway!

Deciding Where to Camp

If you’re going to plan a camping trip, you’re going to have to decide exactly where you want to camp. While the majority of people choose camping sites that are relatively close to home, it’s important you don’t feel tethered to somewhere relatively local. When it comes down to it, the world is your oyster. Camping abroad can be a little more difficult, as you’ll have to get your tent and kit approved for the plane. But you can book some flights, collect your equipment when you land, and head into some seriously exciting places you’ve not experienced before. A key piece of advice, wherever you decide to camp, is to make sure you only camp in permitted areas. Setting up camp wherever you wish could place you in danger – you may find yourself on someone’s private land, you could come into contact with wildlife you’d rather avoid, or you may find yourself somewhere without signal where it can be difficult to call for help.

If camping isn’t an option, try and do your research on the country you are planning on visiting – does the country standards generally meet your own? If not, this is where you can you decide on an Airbnb or a hotel but don’t forget to include your travel group numbers and budget.

Packing for Your Trip

Packing for camping needs to be practical. You’re not really going to be packing beach bags and swimwear. Instead, you need to take comfortable and durable clothes. Consider walking boots, lightweight options that cover your limbs, and a first aid kit. Even if the temperature is hot during the day, you should still make sure to pack warm, heavier layers, as the temperature can drop at night, leaving you feeling freezing.

Picking Up Necessary Skills

If you’re going to a family friendly campsite with amenities like showers, plug sockets and more, you can skip this section. But if you’re doing an all out camping trip in the wilderness, it’s good to do some research and training before you go. Figure out how to pitch a tent, even in difficult weather conditions. Know how to cook food on a portable stove. Look into how to put a campfire out safely. Also look into basic survival knowledge, like avoiding rivers and wearing shoes at all times. These can make sure your trip is safe and fun, rather than it culminating in you finding yourself in a dangerous or difficult situation.

A Road Trip

Road trips are a wonderful way to see more of the world. When you travel by car, you can go wherever you want, whenever you want. If you’re on your way to a certain destination, but find somewhere en route you want to check out, you can just stop off and take a look around! Here are a few steps to perfecting a 2020 road trip!

Choosing the Right Travel Companion

One of the first things you need to settle on when planning a road trip is deciding who you’re going to travel with. Travelling alone can be liberating in many ways. But if you’re doing a road trip, chances are you’re not going to have too much fun if you’re just sat behind the wheel focused straight on the road ahead with no company the entire time. Travelling with a friend or family member is a great bonding experience and also allows the two of you to share driving responsibilities, giving both of you the chance to be a passenger half the time!

Deciding Where to Go

If you have a partner in mind, discuss where you want to go. There are so many places to visit and as long as there’s a road there, you can get there. If you’re doing a road trip on home turf, you can use your own vehicle. If not, you can either drive your car and get over the sea on ferries or boats, or you can fly to your destination country and hire a car once you’re there. Make sure there’s give and take in deciding where you visit. Both parties need to be happy with the itinerary. Remember in some locations, you will need passes like

Active Holidays

Holidays and breaks can be a great chance to implement a little rest and relaxation into an otherwise busy schedule. But you should remember there are fun and exhilarating active holidays out there too! These can vary, so it’s a good idea to whittle down your options. If you want active days with cosy evenings in a log cabin and hot chocolates, consider skiing. If you want to see beautiful sights by foot, go hiking. If you want to come face to face with oceanic wildlife, go on a diving or snorkelling break. Of course, you can implement these activities into a standard holiday if you don’t want to go all out!

These are just a few alternate holidays that you might actually really enjoy. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking a holiday has to entail lounging around a pool and making the most of all-inclusive food and drinks. While these holidays can be perfect, there are other options out there! Those mentioned above are just a few that you might want to consider!


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