Can You Give Your Business A Professional Sheen?

I’m no pro but being the Founder of wellness business thy.self, I have a few tips…

There are a lot of challenges that face any small startup in the early days of its existence. In fact, that might be something of an understatement. The early days of a startup can be an incredibly stressful and difficult time for you as the owner and for anyone else working with you. However, there’s one thing that often makes life difficult for small companies more than just about anything else, and that’s public perception. The reality is that if your business is new and small, people are going to assume that you’re less reliable and professional than a larger, more established business. Of course, this isn’t necessarily true, but it’s certainly a pervasive idea. With that in mind, here are a few ways to give your startup the professional shine it needs to succeed.

Consistent Branding

Great branding is often the first thing that potential customers look for when it comes to engaging with any business. That might sound shallow, but the truth is that customers have no many businesses vying for their attention at all times that there’s no way they could wade through all of them without just focusing on the surface details. Because of that, you need to make sure that your branding is not only high quality but consistent across your business. Everything from name badges to signage, to banners on your website, should have the same colour schemes and logos. Otherwise, it’s going to look like a jumbled mess that reflects incredibly poorly on your business.

A Solid Web Presence

The internet has well and truly taken over the modern world, and that means that your business needs to have a presence online. This includes a well-designed website and accounts on the various social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Not only should you have these pages but you should know how to use them in such a way that it doesn’t feel forced. Posts on social media should feel natural. Just look at corporate Twitter accounts like Wendy’s. That account has become incredibly popular due to the natural and easy going way it interacts with people on the platform.

A “Head Office”

If customers see that the office of your business is just your spare room in your home, then they’re going to assume that your business isn’t worth their time. Luckily, you have access to things like virtual mailboxes which allow you to have your mail forwarded from places likeĀ That lends a whole extra layer of legitimacy to your business that will make potential customers much more likely to want to engage with it.

It’s a strange paradox that small startups often find themselves in where customers aren’t interested because they seem too small, but they can’t grow and become more established because they don’t have any customers. This kind of thing has been the doom of many startups with a lot of potential. However, these tips should help you to shit public perception in such a way that customers no longer assume that your business isn’t worth engaging with.


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