3 Things You Can’t Forget When Planning Your Next Trip

Your travel checklist for any and every trip…

Planning for an overseas trip requires a lot of effort and structure. You can’t rush it, and you certainly shouldn’t leave everything until the last minute. In fact, there are specific things that you literally can’t leave until the last minute, or you won’t be able to travel! 

Naturally, you don’t want your trip to completely mess up before it even truly begins. So, here are a few things you can’t afford to forget when planning your next trip.

The relevant visa

Depending on where you travel, and for how long you’re going, you may need a specific type of visa to be allowed into the country. As you can see on https://www.evisumservice.be/, countries in Asia – like India – demand that you have a visa before going. Other countries around the world are like this, including Australia, New Zealand, and pretty much every other country. The only reason you might not need a visa is if you hold citizenship or a passport that lets you gain access to certain countries. The best example of this is an EU passport. If you’re from Italy, then your passport lets you go to all the other EU countries without needing a visa. Or, if you have dual citizenship and have a second passport from a different country, then you wouldn’t need a visa. Either way, it’s well worth checking beforehand. 

Your passport validity

Always, always, always check your passport validity before you travel. Do this well in advance of booking a trip to make sure you don’t need to renew your passport. Sometimes, you forget to look at the expiry date, then a day before you leave you realise the passport expired. Suddenly, your whole trip is thrown up in arms as you have no way of travelling. So, when you start booking flights or looking into possible dates, then check your passport. If it expires before or during your holiday, then renew it right away. Don’t waste any time as you’ll forget, get the application sent off for a new one so you can get on with the rest of your planning. 

Injections and vaccinations

Lastly, you can’t forget to get all the injections or vaccinations required for the destination you’re travelling to. Again, some countries require far more vaccinations than others. If you’re from the US and travelling to Europe, then you may already have all the vaccines required. But, in Asia, Africa, and Australia, there are more threats to your health. Therefore, the list of injections is much longer, and you have to get them all before you go. Well, technically you don’t have to, but you put your health at risk if you don’t have them. They aim to protect you from any diseases or viruses and ensure your trip isn’t ruined by a potentially life-threatening illness. 

When you plan your next trip abroad, make sure you don’t neglect these three crucial things. Check to see if you need a visa, then follow the right application to ensure you get the correct one. Renew your passport – if necessary – so you don’t end up with an expired one halfway through your trip. Lastly, check for a list of all the vaccinations you need before travelling to a new destination, so you’re protected from health issues. 


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