Moving Into Your Home As A Married Couple

The honeymoon is over

and now the task of moving into your new home as husband and wife awaits you. It’s not going to be easy, but it certainly doesn’t have to be difficult. There are going to be a few conflicts you’ll have to resolve and most of them won’t be with each other. Except of course the first one. Where will your things go and where will his things go? The battle for space in the home is going to be present as soon as you open the front door. But, if you love each other you won’t be fighting on your first day in your new home. The other challenge will be to move the things you love and want most into their new place. You might also need to buy new things to make your house a home, such as sofas, beds, and wardrobes. Here are some challenges you will run into.

Photo credit: Oliver Hooson

Moving your things

Since you are both going to be living in the same home, you will each need to move your things into the house independently. If you’re both living together this won’t be an issue but you might also have things that you have kept in storage that you want to move over too. Thus, is a service you may want to use. They will pack, load and deliver everything for you. They can even make special custom crates for some of your most valuable items like high-end mirrors, photographs, and artwork. They’re a nationwide service too, so no matter where you are moving things from and to, they have got you covered.

This is whose space?

Men should not be relegated to have a ‘man cave’ and neither should the woman be given a tiny space in the corner. You both have to learn how to share the space in the new home. It’s a lot larger than the apartment you were living in, but that doesn’t mean you need to fill it up in fear of it being taken. It’s a slow natural process that married couples will need to get used to. The living room is where you can both put items that mean something to you. Maybe you would like to choose the sofa, then you need to let your husband choose the coffee table and or the Ottoman footrest. The same goes for the kitchen. If you choose the cabinets, then he will choose the cutlery and or electronic appliances. It’s a give and take but you do get to choose one item at a time.

Take it easy

You don’t need to unwrap an unpack everything on the first day. Take your time. Moving in should not be a stressful task. Don’t forget that you have plenty of time to enjoy your new home and taking it slow right after the honeymoon will also be good for your jet lag. 

Couples that have just gotten married shouldn’t feel any pressure to decide on who is going to choose what and when. Allow the space of your home to naturally fill with each other’s things. 

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