Six Ideas For A Holiday With A Difference

If you love to travel, taking a trip with a difference can be a lot of fun. Instead of visiting the obvious tourist locations and staying in the same hotels that everyone does, why not try something a little unusual, so you have a holiday that you’ll never forget. 

  1. Take a road trip. A road trip can be an amazing way to visit a place. You get to see more of where you’re visiting and at your own pace. Explore some of your own country or somewhere new, and drive somewhere new, stopping anywhere that looks interesting along the way. Take a classic route, like driving Route 66 in America, driving from Land’s End to John O’Groats in the UK, or the South Island Circuit in New Zealand. Hire a car, pack it up with snacks and music and go explore. 

  2. Visit a casino. Fancy a crazy, once in a lifetime trip? Casino hotels, whether in Vegas or elsewhere in the world, often offer the ultimate in luxury. Casinos like the Borgata go all out to make their customers happy, so even if you’re not interested in hitting the tables you can have an incredible trip. 

  3. Hire a boat. Boat holidays can really vary, from a relaxing stay on a canal boat to a luxury trip on a yacht. You can see an area from the water at a slower pace on the canals and rivers, or take to the sea for a real adventure, with swimming, wildlife and sailing.  

  4. Go glamping. Camping can be fun, but life in a tent isn’t for everyone. If you can’t imagine a holiday where there’s nowhere to plug in your straighteners, then consider glamping. These luxury camping trips usually involve staying in a yurt or cabin, with a lot more facilities than your standard camping trip. It’s a great way to unwind and take a break from a busy life. 

  5. Take an educational trip. There are some great trips where you have a holiday and learn something at the same time. Residential cooking courses are a popular option, as are immersive language courses or even sports camps. Choose something you love and would like to learn more about and book a trip where you can learn some new skills. 

  6. Volunteer. Instead of taking a standard vacation, why not volunteer abroad. Volunteering with a charity is a great way to give back and do something positive. In your time off, you can still do the traditional tourist thing and explore a new country, but with some local knowledge behind you. Teach English as forgein language or work with a charity project like wildlife conservation, working with children or working on construction projects. Volunteering is an incredible experience, and you’ll make friends for life in your fellow volunteers. 

Taking a trip with a difference is a great way to shake up your travels and have a trip that will give you lasting memories to treasure, beyond just lounging by the pool. 


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