Fantastic Countries That You Need To Explore In 2020

Fasten your seat belts!

For keen travellers, the world is too small. You might find yourself struggling to think of new places to see. You don’t want to keep going back to the same destinations, and you don’t want to spend your holiday at home. You want to get out there and explore the world. Luckily, the world is too big for one person to explore; you can never see everything. That means there are always unexplored locations waiting for you. With that in mind, here are some fantastic countries that you need to explore in 2020.


France is a stunning nation, and it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. If you’ve yet to fully explore, then that should be at the top of your priority list for your future travels. For starters, you need to explore the capital. Paris is a magnificent city. That’s why millions of people flock to it on a yearly basis. Obviously, you need to start by seeing the famous landmarks in the capital. The Eiffel Tower, as pictured above, is a spectacular structure. Whilst you’ve probably seen it in thousands of pictures, nothing compares to seeing the landmark in person. You also need to visit the Arc de Triomphe. It’s not only a beautifully impressive archway; it’s also historically and culturally significant to Paris. You can learn a lot about France by exploring its capital city. You should definitely visit the Musée Carnavalet if you want to learn about Paris’ historical legacy.

Of course, there’s more to France than its capital. Whether you’ve already visited Paris or not, you shouldn’t stop there. You can go much further when exploring this marvellous country. In particular, the city of Marseille is a gorgeous place that you simply need to visit. Located on the Mediterranean coast, you’ll be treated to sublime views in every direction. You should go swimming in its serene creeks if you want a truly surreal experience. Once situated in the historical province of Provence, there’s a lot to be learnt in this intriguing city, too. Make sure you visit the Musée des Civilisations de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée. In case you don’t speak French (it’s a good idea to learn some before visiting the country, even if most French people understand English), that means the museum is devoted to the history and culture of European and Mediterranean civilisations. We’ve only talked about two French cities, but that should have demonstrated just how much there is to see and do in this country.


This Southeast Asian country is also worth exploring if you want a truly extraordinary experience. Malaysia offers not only fantastic views but a rich and beautiful culture. It’s also a fascinating nation in a historical sense. So, there’s a lot to learn and experience by visiting this incredible place. When it comes to fine arts, you’ll be able to experience some utterly unique things in this country. Traditional Malaysian art focuses on carving, weaving, and silversmithing. You should definitely try to find (and perhaps even buy) some authentic handwoven baskets. If you want to stay for a while to truly explore this country, you could rent a house in Malaysia. That way, you can get settled and take your time to fully appreciate this great place.


You should definitely visit this Nordic country if you want to be treated to both mesmerising sights and a unique cultural experience. Denmark is a wonderful country with many fascinating places to explore, but Copenhagen is certainly one of its most popular tourist destinations. It’s easy to see why when you explore the city for yourself. The capital is a wonderful destination that offers so much to tourists. It’s a very artistic city, so it’s well-suited to travellers who appreciate creativity. You should visit the Statens Museum for Kunst, which is essentially the Danish national art gallery. It’s also worth seeing Kunsthal Charlottenborg in the city centre because you’ll be treated to some fantastic contemporary art from all over the world.

Travelling is a fantastic opportunity. If you have the time and money to explore the world, then you should really utilise this freedom. Don’t shy away from new experiences. There are so many wonderful countries in the world. Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with revisiting a destination that you love, but you should try to make it your mission to explore somewhere new every year.


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