Discovering Greece with Jet2Holidays

Get me to the Greek… Islands!

Here’s some inspiration for your next trip abroad… Just choose Greece.

Thanks to a recent outing with Jet2Holidays I learnt more about Greece than I ever did in school. What’s even more fascinating (to me) is the abundant history and also, just how easy it is to get there.

Let me just tell you now, you can fly from UK to Greece via Jet2Holidays for as low as £60pp deposit!

Here are my top five reasons for visiting Greece and before you ask, yes I have travelled to this destination before – In fact I’ve been to Greece at least 4 times in my life so far, the last time being last year where I visited the tiny island town called Bali.

Ancient Ruin Masterpieces

If you have never been to Greece, you must rectify this heresy. Whether you are a history buff or not, Greece is home to marvellous monuments and UNESCO heritage sites. Take the time to see the beautiful Acropolis in Athens and its stunning museum, visit the archaeological site of Delphi or the open-air island museum of Delos, the stunning Byzantine monuments of Thessaloniki, the myth-laden Palace of Knossos or the breathtaking medieval Old Town of Rhodes.

On top of this, the country has a portfolio of breathtaking views like none other.


Ridiculously Delicious Food and Drink

There is simply nothing you can’t get in Greece, therefore there is nothing you shall want because the island has it all!

Greece is known for it boasts of great variety of food and drink,  from a vast array of delicious Greek wines, local liquors and world-known dishes. Savor fresh seafood and seasonal vegetables cooked with a healthy dose of Greek olive oil for a feast for the senses.


Culture & Travelling As A POC

Of all the European countries I have travelled in my lifetime (so far), Greece has to be one of the most fun, exciting, safe and socially acceptable countries for people of colour. I can vouch on that. Greek people are extremely hospitable, friendly and I have yet to be spoken to or treated in a way which made me fear due to my race or gender.


Plenty of Vitamin Sea

With its extensive coastline, Greece has a plethora of beaches that seduce everyone. From sandy to pebbly beaches, isolated coves and quiet bays, you will always find somewhere you can soak up some vitamin D. Speaking of sun, Greece is known for the perfect summer. But the country is an ideal destination for every season, whether you visit it during your spring break, as a Christmas destination or during the summer.


Whether you are travelling on a budget or looking for luxurious options, you can find it all in Greece. Life is less expensive in Greece than in many other European countries and locals and visitors alike can still enjoy all the pleasure of life at affordable prices.






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