6 New Fashion Trends for Soon-to-Be Brides


Congratulations on your engagement! That shiny rock looks gorgeous on your finger. Now that you’ve found the man of your dreams,

it’s time to bring the wedding of your dreams to life, beginning with the dress. If you’ve been searching for ideas for wedding dresses online, you might have seen some of these fashion trends already. So let’s talk about six of the latest fashion trends for soon-to-be brides.

Boho Fairy

Bohemian weddings have been around for years but they have recently gotten a chic and modern update with some elements of fantasy. Think: Alice in Wonderland. What will boho wedding dresses look like if you’re getting married in this universe? Different patterns of laces matched with frills as well as interesting neckline and sleeve details will make you look like a true boho fairy.


But not just any bow—statement bows. From oversized bows that tie at the back of your dress to puffed sleeves that look like two halves of an enormous bow, this fashion trend can look classy to campy, depending on your personal style. 


Yes, the cape trend is still going strong. We’ve seen this fashion trend not only in weddings but also in awards shows and other major events in Hollywood. For instance, Lupita Nyong’o wore a stunning red caped gown during the 2014 Golden Globe Awards. Meanwhile, Emma Watson wore a simple dress with a statement cape at the London premiere of Beauty and the Beast in 2017. If you’ve been in love with the cape trend, you can incorporate it to the most special day of your life.


Floral elements in lace patterns on wedding dresses have been around since the beginning of time. But the latest floral trend involves bright pops of colour in the shape of flowers. This creates an interesting twist to the classic white wedding dress. For instance, you can have embroidered rose vines growing out from the waist to the hem of a ball gown skirt, or you can have pink peonies as appliques.


Clean lines. Metropolitan chic. Minimalist. This trend is for women who not only want to look beautiful on their wedding day but to also feel fierce and strong. Though this trend values simplicity—no laces, feathers or frills!—it still gives you a lot of room to be creative. For example, you can wear pants or a jumpsuit. You can have a wrap-around silk dress with a high slit. You can even play with avant-garde elements to create a minimalist bridal look that’s uniquely your own.

Something Blue

You know the saying “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,” right? Well, this fashion trend takes the last part of that old English rhyme to a whole other level. More and more wedding dress designers are incorporating touches of blue to their designs. A blue veil, a blue belt, a blue dress itself—it’s clear that blue is the new blush this season.

Did any of these fashion trends sound good to you? Well, say yes to one or more of them! You can definitely mix-and-match these trends so you can find a gown that embodies you as a bride and, more importantly, as a woman.

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