The importance of saying thank you


When somebody has gone above and beyond to do something for you or has touched your life in a special way, sometimes it deserves a gesture in return. Saying thank you not only keeps us humble and helps us to appreciate the people in our lives but it encourages compassion and helps us connect  on a deeper and more emotional level with our loved ones.

There is also something innately rewarding in being able to sincerely say “thank you,” of course, but that thank you is lent even greater weight when it’s accompanied by a gift. But how do you say thank you without coming across as corny and insincere? Any of the thank you gift ideas below should stand you in good stead. 


A classic gift for showing  your appreciation is a bouquet of flowers. If you happen to know the receiver is fond of a particular colour, theme or even specific flower, make sure you visit your local florist and build up a collection that speaks to their character. If you desire something a little more permanent, however, why not instead consider buying them a plant they can  care for and watch grow and flourish themselves?

Beauty and booze

Bath bombs, creams, soaps and more are always popular gifts for those of us who like to pamper ourselves, whilst a bottle of wine or a nice selection of beers was never sneered at either by those who appreciate such things.

A box of chocolates

Chocolate boxes are ideal thank you gifts as they are affordable, infinitely customisable and everybody loves chocolate. There is also the undeniable fact that boxes of chocolate have been used as thank you symbols for generations, so if you offer one to somebody who has done you a favour then you probably don’t even need to attach a card. It’s a gift that speaks volumes on its own accord.


Whether it’s taking them out for a simple afternoon coffee or lavishing them with a three-course meal at their favourite restaurant, paying for dinner (or even a few lavish cocktails) can be a remarkably effective way of saying thank you. It also gives you the chance to catch up and spend some time with the object of your thanks which could, in turn, forge an even deeper bond between you.

Personalised gifts

Mugs, cutlery, stationery and countless other accruements can often be given a personal flair that will let them know you went that extra mile for them. Even something as simple as a monogram will lend a little personal character to a gift, but if you go a step further and have their name embossed, it will truly feel like something that belongs to them and them alone.

Make something

Finally, if you really want to show them your appreciation, something you’ve made yourself can often speak  that much louder than something you simply bought. The sentimental value alone might make a DIY gift perhaps the most valuable thank you gift of them all.

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