The Essentials That Every Wardrobe Should Have


When you are putting together your wardrobe, then you can practically jump for joy when you find that top, blazer, or dependable LBD that will see you through those times when you think that you haven’t got anything to wear. That is why having a capsule wardrobe can be really appealing. Mixed with a few different things, it is all about streamlining the selection of items that you have, that will make your day-to-day dressing much easier. If you’re not too sure where to start with building up a capsule wardrobe, then here are a few of the essentials that you could add to your closet, or could at least serve as a bit of a ‘primer’ on which to build on.

Black Trousers

A pair of trusty black trousers that fit well will work well for a variety of different things. The versatility of them is great, from wearing to work with heels or wearing chunky trainers with them for a much more casual look. 

Plain White Tee

If you think about it, is there anything that is more versatile than this? It can be something that can be dressed up, as well as dressed down for casual wear. Being plain and simple is also a really good idea as it will go with so many things and not limit the choices. So for that reason it is a must.

Ballet Flats

There is a reason why ballet flats are seen on so many people from Alexa Chung to Kate Middleton. They can be really chic, but they are also really practical as they can be all about the comfort. You can dress up a pair of jeans with them, as well as wearing them with skirts and dresses to the office. 


Having a blazer in your closet is a really good idea, as it can be something to call on when you are going through transitional seasons. When it is spring but not quite summer; wear a blazer. When it is summer but not quite autumn, then it can be a good idea too. It works when you don’t need a coat, but still need a jacket. Plus, they can be really dressed up as well as dressed down, so they are another versatile staple. The good news is that there are a whole host of blazers and styles to choose from. For instance, tweed clothing is designed to last, and as a result, it could be a good alternative if you’re looking for a blazer for your wardrobe. Just make sure that whichever you choose, that the blazer fits you well.

Slip-on Trainers

Having some slip-on trainers is a must, right? So as a result, it has solidified its place on the list of wardrobe essentials. Having some slip-on trainers means that they are comfortable enough to walk for a while, but they are sleek and chic, making them much more timeless than a chunky trainer. 

This is just a few things on the list; what else would you add? It would be great to hear what you think.

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