The 4 Best Approaches To Minimising Stress In Every Corner Of Your Life

Stress is, it’s safe to say, all around us. We all feel some part of stress and we all experience anxiety in our own way. Some people feel it impacts every aspect of their life, others feel about 20 seconds of sheer anger and then let it go. Whatever it is, we all need to find ways to minimise it. And believe it or not, there are a few ways to minimise stress in every corner of our life. 


Check Your Caffeine Tolerance

It’s so easy for us to get a cup of coffee if we’re feeling a bit low in mood or energy. But it’s about finding that right tolerance to caffeine. One aspect of it is the quality of the coffee you get. When you purchase generic brand coffee from various sources you’re more likely to feel the jitters. Instead, think about getting good quality coffee, either through a coffee subscription, or by heading to a reputable supplier. It’s about finding that sweet spot. Once you find that caffeine gives you the right amount of energy, it gives you the opportunity to power through almost anything, as a result, you won’t feel the anxiety that comes with the inevitable caffeine crash that some coffees provide.

Supplementing Yourself Appropriately

While there are so many different foods to feel great, if you aren’t eating them, you could benefit from a handful of supplements that relax you. Omega-3 supplements, as beneficial as they are to your body, can reduce your anxiety by 20%. But in addition to this, there are other supplements that aren’t as widely known. Ashwagandha is a herb used predominantly in Ayurvedic medicine to help treat stress. As well as this, Valerian Root is a natural tranquilizer, and even Lemon Balm can reduce anxiety. The right supplements do work, but remember, supplements are not a replacement for a good diet!


Laugh More

It may sound simple, but laughing is very good for your health because it can relieve your stress response, and help you to relax your muscles. Also, laughter is very good for your immune system. Have you seen Patch Adams, the story of the doctor who believed that laughter really was the best medicine? Try it out! It doesn’t have to be a TV show, you can hang around with people that really make you feel good about yourself. And, in fact…


Be With Your Friends

Being sociable can help reduce stress in so many different ways. It’s all about finding the right calibre of friends to keep you from feeling the modern stresses and anxieties. The fact of the matter is, we all feel it in some way, but if we have a good quality social network, in real life, this can help be a sense of support in so many different ways.

Stress is horrible. But don’t forget, a little bit is good for you, but it’s about realising when it’s a little bit too much. Part of it is to do with having control of your life, but the other part of it is all about reducing the symptomatic responses to stress.

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