Fuelling That Ever Growing Hunger

You’re either someone who feels hungry all of the time, or you’re someone who is struggling to work up enough of an appetite to each three meals a day. For any of you who struggle, this might not be the article for you. Because this article is aimed at all of us who struggle to contain our hunger, so much so that we can work through a pack of biscuits with no problem. God forbid if someone puts a multipack of crisps in front of us. It’s good to have an appetite that’s so strong, but a lot of us don’t put it to good use. So this article is going to be all about putting it to good use, and perhaps even suppressing it a little bit as well. There comes a time when you have to think about whether your eating habits are becoming destructive for your body, and how you can turn that all around. So, we’re going to show you how you can fuel that ever growing hunger in the right way, we promise your body will thank you for it later!

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Coffee & Water

Some of you might not have heard of this one before, but we just know it’s a great tip for you to take away from this article. They say that if you’re ever hungry, probably when you shouldn’t be because you’ve not long had a meal, to have a glass of water. If that doesn’t work, then have a cup of coffee, and it should suppress your appetite for a while. This should never be used to try and skip meals!! Only to suppress and appetite that’s growing too quickly after you’ve not long ate. If you’re not much of a coffee fan, it might be because you haven’t found one you like yet. You should try out different coffee beans online, until you find one that suits you. Some are stronger than others, and for a first time coffee try, you want to stick to something a little weaker, and sugar it up. The more sugar you put in, the sweeter and less bitter it will become. But don’t pile a few spoonfuls in, test the water with one, then add another until you find your combination.

Wholesome Calorie Dense Foods

Another mistake that we make, is snacking on foods that aren’t really calorie dense, and aren’t wholesome. The more calories you can try to fit in one meal, and good calories, the fuller you’re going to be for longer. So think about having a meat, carb, and fat in every meal, aside from breakfast where the meat part doesn’t have to come in if you don’t want it to. If you can follow this rule for every meal, with the carb and fat being the lesser part of your meal, we promise you will feel fuller for longer!

Little Meals More Often

A great tip is to reduce your portion size, but have around five small meals a day. Three of them being main meals, two being a snack. It’s so much easier to defeat your hunger this way, without overloading your body full of calories. These little meals can’t be full of fat, they have to be wholesome calorie dense foods like we talked about in the section above!

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