Bringing 5* Luxury to Your Bedroom


No Holiday? No Problem

If you’re lucky enough to have stayed in a 5* hotel abroad more than once, you’d have noticed that all rooms tend to stick to the same sort of layout. Not only is their aim to make guests feel as comfortable as possible so that they leave great TripAdvisor reviews, but they also want their customers to feel as if they’re staying in a little palace while they’re away.

However, if you’re not going on holiday this year and you’re not staying in a five-star hotel somewhere exotic, not to worry, as you can bring the luxury and elegance straight to your own bedroom at home.

Here are five tips on adding a dash of elegance to your very own bedroom: 

Upgrade to a King-Size

When someone enters a hotel room, usually, the first thing they do is jump onto the bed and check out how comfortable it is. I bet you just pictured all of those times you’ve entered a hotel room and spread out on the bed, right?

There aren’t many hotel rooms that have a double bed, and most tend to use king-size so that their guests can get the maximum space to starfish at night. You can actually get some pretty cheap king-size beds online, which aren’t usually too much more than a double or Queen. Worth taking a look – if it will fit in your bedroom that is!

Check out some of the world’s biggest beds and why we prefer sleeping in one on the Happy Beds blog.

Overfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is considered a massive luxury for most people, although there is actually a cheaper alternative; over floor heating.

This only takes a few hours to set-up, and it doesn’t involve ripping up all of the floorboards. Instead, it can go right under the carpet, tile or laminate. Think of all those cosy, warm winter lay-ins!

This is also a great cost-effective alternative, and can be much better for the environment too, for those that are worried on how much this will cost and how much it will harm the environment. Heat rises, and rather than going up the walls, which is where the heat from a radiator will tend to go, it will simply rise into the whole room, therefore taking less time and using less energy.

Double Up

A hotel room is usually designed for two people, so they have two of everything so that the other person doesn’t get left out. Even if your bedroom is just for yourself, it is worth doubling up on furniture and mirroring each side of the bedroom with each other.

For example, there is always a bedside table either side so that each guest can place their own phones, morning coffees or store their underwear in the drawer underneath. Usually, guests also have their own plugs next to their bed too.


Naturally, interior designers create the hotel rooms they’re working on with the guest in mind, making everything as easy as can be. Light switches can often be found next to the bed so that guests don’t have to run to the other side of the room to turn off the bedroom light at night. 

Bed lamps and multiple light switches will instantly make your bedroom much more luxurious, while of course, encouraging maximum laziness. Dreamy!

Crispy Sheets

Hotels pretty much never use sheets that aren’t white. Why? So guests can see how clean and crisp the bedding is. 

If you’re changing your bed sheets, then ensure that you use nice, fresh white sheets. Ideally, use flat sheets that don’t have elastic corners, so that you can pull it in as tight as possible. 

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