Summer Holiday #Goals


If there’s one thing that’s getting most of us through the day at the minute, it’s that we know we’ve got a holiday coming up.

Once you get one booked, it doesn’t matter how far away this holiday is, you can’t help but feel the pure excitement that surrounds it. It literally fuels you through your hard times at work. So with holiday season hear now, and it only going to increase in intensity over the coming months, I wanted to do an inspiring holiday post to show you some of this season’s holiday #goals, that I think you should be working towards. From getting the hottest fashion for your suitcase, to making sure that you have the best experience whilst you’re there, there are plenty of goals to be met. So this post is going to give you a few of our summer holiday #goals, and why you should be putting them into your summer holiday plans.


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Packing Goals

So if there’s one thing that knows how to stress us girls out, it’s men and packing. With your holiday, both of these are going to come with it, so its inevitable that the tension is going to be running high when your holiday gets closer. So you want to make sure that the things you’re packing are amazing, and truly suitable for your holiday. Swimwear is usually the hot topic, because if you’re going to a sunny country, the sun is what you’re going to be worshipping. Plus size swimwear has come on leaps and bounds as well, so for any of you who feel insecure with your weight, swimwear now helps you to feel more confident than ever! Evening wear is also one we all faff over, it’s the time where we want to feel most beautiful! Co-ords are really in fashion at the minute, and will be a good starting point for your inspiration! 

Experience Goals

If you’re someone who goes on holiday just to sit around the pool all day, we might be about to convince you to do different. There are so many excursion you can do, that will mean you’re having the holiday of a lifetime. Sunset cruises on a catamaran might ease you into the excursion lifestyle, then you could think about quad biking tours to get your adrenaline pumping. They’re a great way to see parts of a country you usually wouldn’t bother exploring, and it definitely gets you having some fun!

Location Goals

I’m onto more holiday ideas now, because I just know how obsessed most of you will be with booking one. Even though it’s far in advance, now is a great time to book a holiday, because all of the hotels and good rooms will be available for next year. Sorrento is one of my ultimaye location goals, it’s just such a beautiful part of Italy! The culture and food is amazing, and the heat in the summer is soaring. I promise the architecture, ports, and cobbled streets will capture your heart!


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