Birthday Girl Cake

Is it even your birthday if you don’t have a sick cake?

Those were the kinds of thoughts racing through my mind as I prepared for my birthday this year. Why do we make celebrating our birthdays, every year, so stressful?

This year however, an angelic email fluttered through my mailbox offering me a very special kind of gift. bakerdays offered me customised birthday cake which I could design all by myself and it would be delivered to me, by post just before my birthday which took the  hassle out of sourcing a cake on the high-street or buying a generic design from the local grocery store. Insane right!

I couldn’t believe how cute, well printed and intact my 5″ cake arrived – my postmen aren’t necessarily known for their attention to care – and it was delicious! A vanilla cake with just the right amount of cream and perfectly transportable from my house to the restaurant and around London as I celebrated another year on the planet. It was perfect!

So who are bakerdays?

bakerdays are a company that specialises in all things personalised when it comes to celebrations. They do an amazing range of personalised cakes, cupcakes, balloons and even complete gift sets and are always creating new ones.


How does it work?

Choose your design: Choose any design from our website or let them design something bespoke for your celebration!

Choose your recipe: Choose from: Vanilla, Chocolate, Fruit, Gluten & Wheat Free or Dairy Free.

Personalisation details: Let them know of any text, numbers or photographs you’d like on the cake.

Your delivery address: Tell them the address of where you’d like your cake sent to.

Choose a delivery date: Let bakerdays know when you’d like the cake and they’ll get your cake in the oven and packaged tightly for a speedy delivery to your home.


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