The Ingredients In Your Business Success Potion

Luck is what we often miss when we’re in the process of boosting our career. More often than not, having the skills is not enough. You also need to stand out and inspire trust… but when you’re sending your CV to a recruiter or pitching a project to a client, you’ve got a lot of competition around you. Standing out is as much a matter of luck as talent. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as the Felix Felicis of Harry Potter. However, don’t give up just now. Here’s what to put in your business success potion to be lucky in your professional endeavours.

Your success potion


LOVE: Always follow your passion

Luck always comes from a place of love. You’re never going to be successful if you do something that doesn’t feel right to you. What feels right, you ask. Tap deep into yourself. Consider what you’re passionate about, as this is the best way to approach your professional success. While this can be a little tricky for some – you’d be surprised to know that many adults haven’t quite figured out what their true passion is –, start by defining what you enjoy doing and what makes you happy. With this in mind, you can research appropriate options that combine your hobbies and your lifestyle. For instance, imagine you love pets, but you also know that keeping pets at home isn’t a job, let alone an option. But how about grooming salon for daycare options for dogs and cats? Daycare nurseries for pets are hugely popular in the US and ensure that pets are looked after and entertained while the owners are at work. It’s easy to see how a similar offer would be successful elsewhere in the world!


TECH: You can’t do anything without it

In case you didn’t get the memo, it’s the 21st century. You can’t build a solid career without boosting your tech skills. Don’t panic, though. You don’t need to become a web developer overnight – unless that what you want to do. But you need to know how to use all the functions and shortcuts on your laptop when you’re interacting with recruiters and clients. If a client or a recruiter sends you a PDF contract, you want to make a positive impression when sending it back. That’s precisely why it’s essential to know how to edit your PDF files – as seen here – and even add your signature to them. The better you master your IT tools, the more professional you’ll seem to others.


FRIENDS: Your network is your power

You can’t go far when you’re on your own. As Zelda would say, it’s dangerous to go alone. When you’re prospecting – either with recruiters or clients depending on your career objectives –, you need to come equipped with a robust and useful network. Your network can not only create additional and relevant job opportunities, but it also means that you learn a lot of business tips and secrets. Unfortunately, building a network can take some time. You can start with your alumni club to get back in touch with classmates and professors, as it’s an excellent place to hear about opportunities. Besides, you could get in touch with business connections who are former classmates – which makes it easier to stand out. You’ll find as well that joining meetups and clubs that interest you can also open up the door to more opportunities, even if your new friends may not be in your industry – they could know someone who is!

Join meetups


CONFIDENCE: You need a lot of it

Whether you’re meeting a client or you’re invited to an interview by a recruiter, the way you carry yourself can say a lot about you. There’s no secret. People who appear confident are likely to land the gig. Unfortunately, exulting confidence when you’re feeling nervous can be tricky. But check what this business etiquette expert has to say about it, You don’t have to feel confident; you need to act as if you were. Your voice will set the mood, so speak loudly, slowly and clearly. Try to catch yourself before you start exhibiting nervous behaviours – no fidgeting!


PRESENCE: You have to kill it online

You can’t build a career without an online presence, regardless of whether you want to please the boss or become the boss. Your LinkedIn profile, for instance, is the first source of information about you. People who meet you are going to check your background and trustworthiness on your profile. Therefore, you need to keep it updated and engaging. Your other social media profiles can serve a similar purpose, so it’s important not to post things you wouldn’t want your professional contacts to see. Ultimately, your online presence is your digital brand. You can even create a website that showcases your portfolio and offers some insights into your work.


UNIQUENESS: Show the world that there’s only one of you

Last, but not least, you can’t afford to tell people just what they want to hear. You have to tell your own story and be authentic about it. Keeping it real, whether you’re blogging or simply being active on social media, is what makes you stand out from the crowd. There’s a thin line between an authentic impression that gives a little behind the scene tour and offers a relatable and humble personality and giving too much away. Be careful to show your uniqueness without sounding arrogant or divulging private information.

Your Felix Felicis potion may not guarantee your luck for a short amount of time. But it can move your career forward and get your profile noticed by your audience. The most important lesson to take from this, though, is that you are the one who creates your success. You can make it happen.


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