Bucket List Adventures

Everyone has a bucket list 

but for some of us they’re more fiction than fact. Sure, we’d all like to drive a Ferrari but for some of us that isn’t destined to happen any time soon. We need a bucket list that’s grounded in reality but with a little bit of adventure thrown in to spice it up.

For many people, it’s travel that gets on to the top ten of any bucket list so why not combine travel with some adventure to get that list ticked off. We take a look at some holidays with a difference.


Yes, it’s time to step out of that comfort zone with a holiday that combines the amazing experiences of seeing a brand new country, culture and people with the possibility to help at a grass roots level on a project to enhance the lives of people in poorer communities.

We’re talking about an adult gap year and it makes sense for so many reasons. Though you pay a fee for the trip, your accommodation, food and drinks will be sorted out for you and the experience you’ll have getting stuck into a project that you feel passionately about is going to change your life. There are plenty of companies out there offering this type of holiday, whether you opt for just a week or stay on for three months. Tick that country off your list and make a difference to many lives while you do it.

Get Sporty

We know there’s good reasons to go to the beach as the colder weather draws in but ditch that winter tan for a ski holiday. If you’ve never skied before, why not add it to your bucket list and make it happen for next ski season? Book in those ski lessons either with a class or with an individual instructor.

Throwing yourself down the side of a mountain might seem like madness but once those endorphins kick in, you’ll become seriously ski addicted and if you aren’t convinced then the apres-ski refreshments should be enough to get you on the slopes.

If you’d rather stick to warmer climes then how about some serious adrenalin boosters with a white water rafting weekend or some abseiling? Get out of your comfort zone and discover some skills you never even knew you had.

The great thing about bucket lists is they give you a great excuse for adding some adventure and excitement to your life. Why not pick one today and start the process of making it happen. Get that ski holiday booked or look into a country that you’ve always wanted to visit but never had the chance. Look at volunteering and change your life and that of the people around you.

Whatever you choose to do, take it out of your comfort zone and find a some life enhancing fun that will give you a great sense of achievement, not to mention great memories to look back on for many years to come.


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