What to Wear to a Wedding- When You’re Not The Bride!

Have you been invited to a wedding this summer, but are stumped on what to wear? This guide will help to give you some ideas, and let you know what’s best to avoid.


It goes without saying that wearing white is a no-no as a wedding guest in most cases. White is of course reserved for the bride, and so you’ll want to avoid white or ivory pieces, particularly if they’re lacy or resemble bridalwear in any way. You can get away with wearing an outfit that incorporates a little bit of white, for example, tailored white trousers with a pastel top and jacket could work well, or a white blazer over a dress in a different colour. Just be careful and use common sense. Black is another colour you’ll want to avoid going too heavy with as a wedding guest, again unless it’s trousers or shoes. Pastels and neutrals both work well, if the wedding is in summer (which most tend to be) you’ll want to keep it light and fresh. One tip is to find out what accent colour the bride has chosen for the wedding. This way you can avoid it, it saves the embarrassment of turning up and looking like one of the bridesmaids! It’s an easy mistake to make especially if you’re wearing a maxi dress.


Anything too short or revealing is never going to be appropriate for a wedding. You’ll want to keep it smart and elegant, find styles that flatter your figure regardless of your shape or size. Sites like Chesca Direct have a large range of plus size wedding guest outfits, plus most high street stores stock all sizes these days. If you have something you’ve not worn in a while, try it on before the day. That way, you can see that it still fits properly and you don’t end up on the morning of the wedding with an outfit that’s too tight or too baggy. Jeans, trainers and any other casual wear are most definitely off the agenda when you’re a wedding guest. Tailored trousers, smart dresses and more formal wear is the way to go.

Hat, fascinator or not?

This is always a big question people ask when it comes to attending a wedding. Unless the bride and groom have specified otherwise, it’s personal preference. If you’d like to wear a hat or fascinator then go for it. It’s best to keep your hat to a sensible size, that way you dont have to worry about blocking everyone’s view during the ceremony. Choose a style and colour that works well with the outfit you’ve chosen.

Day to evening

The tricky thing about weddings is that the ceremony is a day event, and the reception stretches right through to the evening. For this reason, you need to choose pieces that work for both. One tip is to bring a spare jacket or change of shoes in your car, that way after the day part you can glam up a little. Put a swipe of darker lipstick on, and add a statement jewellery piece to finish the look.

Do you have any advice for other readers on dressing for a wedding, as a guest? Share your tips below.

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