How To Put The Spark Back Into Your Relationship

Learn a little lesson from my success’ and failings…

To build and maintain a successful relationship takes work and commitment beyond the honeymoon stage and oftentimes it will take more work than people anticipate which is possibly the reason why so many relationships seem to fail. However it’s just a fact of life that some days will be better than others and some days will be harder, so in this post we want to share with you some of the ways that you can bring back the spark in your relationship.

Have regular date nights

It can be easy to take a partner for granted when you’re already in an established relationship, and especially if you live with them. It can be easy to not make time for each other when busy lives don’t really seem to allow for much time off – we take it for granted that they’re just there because we live under the same roof, but this doesn’t mean that there’s actually a true connection, so it’s important to make time to have regular date nights with your partner – even if it’s just something as simple as dinner and a movie, or even just watching a movie at home where it’s just the two of you and you’re focused solely on each other.

Practice open communication

Communication is key in any relationship, and is very important in maintaining a healthy dialogue between you both, so if there’s anything that’s bothering you with your relationship it’s important that you’re able to communicate this with your partner and vice versa without any conflict or miscommunication. Being able to communicate your feelings and emotions to each other is also something that will build a stronger foundation for your relationship and stop potential conflicts before they could even become problematic.

Make time for weekends away

Or time together… this doesn’t have to break the bank either! Taking time away with your partner is also something that’s very important, and this doesn’t have to be anywhere fancy or expensive, but even just staying in a hotel in your local area for a few nights every other month or so is very important in building a good connection with your partner and maintaining and working your relationship. If you want to spice things up a little bit, you can always dress up, role play or even shop nipple piercings and other goodies at plenty of places offline and online if that’s your thing. Of course, these should only be things that you do if you’re comfortable doing them, and you should never be forced into doing anything by your partner that you’re not comfortable with.

Take time to remember what you love about them

When we’re with a person for a longer time, we can end up focusing on the bad things about them, such as all the things that annoy us about them, instead of remembering why we fell in love with them in the first place. So when feeling frustrated or annoyed with your relationship, it’s important to take a step back and focus on these good traits, as often times you see that they actually outweigh the negative things about them.

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