Veet Precision

The part of beauty no-one talks about…

Is something we all have to contend with at some point in our lives, if not forever.

I began experimenting with hair removal in my teens and wish now that I hadn’t. I was far too inexperienced and I could have delayed the masses of hair growth I have today if I had just been a little less influenced and a little more chilled… like I am now.

Grooming is a major part of my beauty routine though and I try and get as much done professionally as I can… simply becuase I’m lazy and sometimes a little clumsy. I often leave hair removal to the last minute which can mean minor skin damage and a few tears, but then something changed…


I was introduced to Veet’s Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler and my intimate grooming routine changed!

This hair trimming and shaping tool transformed the game with accuracy and gentleness whilst taking me right through the summer months right to the present autumn season without a cut in site. This minitature tool is delicate enough to cut and shape the bikini line, underarm, upper lip, sideburns and anywhere else you may need a little hair loss and guess what?! I’m yet to see a bump in sight!


The┬áVeet’s Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler’s key features are:

Two changeable heads that offer three different trimming options – one for the face and one for the bikini/ underarms.

Two rounded blades which have no direct contact with skin – hence the lack of cuts

Two comb attachments which fix on to the styler head to trim to your personal desired length

Dedicated accessories including a cleaning brush and a pouch for the ladies who are always on the go

Plus it’s battery operated so you don’t have to pick up refills – I hate having to do that!

Wanna try the┬áVeet’s Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler?

CP xo

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