Re: Keeping Your Tan

Don’t say goodbye to summer just yet…

Whilst not being a fan of fake tans – honestly, I don’t ever need to use them – I prefer to get the real thing.

Being full of melanin in comparison to some of my peers, doesn’t mean I don’t tan, or like mostly its mostly perceived by non-poc, that I don’t like to tan, I actually love it.

It provides my skin with more than a glow, it keeps my post holiday blues at bay too, which is often needed in the western world we live in.

But as we know, tans fade just like the summer in this country, very quickly. So I’ve put together a quick guide on how to maintain ‘Summer’s Golden Rule; How To Keep Your Tan’


These are the golden rules…

The Tan Accelerator

Regardless of the shade of skin you are blessed with, getting a bottle glow can take you right through summer to winter. As a glow getter’ myself, I found that St Tropez products are literally one of the best brands out there. You’ve heard of them right?

Through Summer, I use St Tropez’s Gradual Tan & Protect Cream – an advanced formula which is proven to give great results as well as locking down the perfect tan for your complexion. It glides onto skin as well and also hydrates below the skin surface too.

Don’t Scrimp Either

Trying to hold on to your product is easily done but doesn’t give you the all over effect that you need. Using a Mitt can help you retain as much product as possible as it spreads the tanning products smoothly and evenly across skin. It’s also great for reaching those areas which are usually difficult to access.

Moisturise… Often!

Now with any type of tan you acquire, it’s extremely important that you moisturise. After all, what is a tan without caring for it’s foundation? Skincare is everything so ensure you keep your skin hydrated and moisturised as much as possible.

Exfoliate! Exfoliate!

Although it’s recommended to exfoliate before applying tan, doing so after a week can really help bring out the remaining glow too. Don’t be scared to exfoliate but go gently too. Your skin is just as much as vital element as the rest of your body.


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