Hi-Vis Workwear Fashion

Hi-Vis Workwear Fashion

Hi-vis clothing isn’t exactly known for being very fashionable, is it? You won’t see many people wearing hi-vis clothing when they’re walking down the runways in Paris after all, although it has happened. However, that hasn’t stopped people trying to make their hi-vis clothing more fashionable, but can it actually be done?

With hi-vis clothing safety and visibility should be your most important concerns but does that mean you have to sacrifice style? Well to answer those questions let’s take a look at what your options are when it comes to choosing hi-vis clothing and see if there is any way it can actually be made fashionable for the workplace.

Fashionable Hi-Vis Workwear – Can It Be Done?

OK let’s get the main question out of the way first, yes hi-vis clothing can be fashionable although it’s not something that is overly easy it will require a bit of searching and maybe some out of the box thinking from you. A thick bright yellow hi-vis jacket might be good for ensuring your visibility but it will rarely look fashionable.

However, you do have some options for a more stylish look that will still ensure you stay visible and safe. So, let’s look at what options you have when it comes to hi-vis clothing that has a more stylish, fashionable edge to it.

Hi-Vis Polo Shirts

Hi-vis polo shirts are one of the most underrated clothing options when it comes to hi-vis clothing. So, many people opt for the more “traditional” hi-vis vest of jacket instead, however, a polo shirt will do the same thing but have the benefit of looking more stylish and professional.

Hi-vis polo shirts come in both short sleeved and long sleeved varieties with the long-sleeved version in particular looking very stylish especially when you opt for a darker colour. Hi-vis clothing in darker shades of blue and black look surprisingly fashionable and make great workplace attire.

Hi-vis polo shirts are also available in the more commonly seen in the brighter hi-vis colours as well although these are not quite as fashionable (in my opinion) as the darker colours they can still look very professional and smart. So, while polo shirts are certainly a great choice for people looking for more fashionable hi-vis workwear they are not your only option.

Hi-Vis Quilted Jackets

Hi-vis jackets are relatively common, many industries use them including security, cleaning, engineering, technicians, construction and many more but what you might not know is that hi-vis jackets come in many different forms.

One of the most common types of hi-vis jackets used are the common and usually cheaply bought lightweight ones. While these jackets will usually do the job and ensure you stay visible over long distances and in the dark they don’t look very stylish or fashionable.

They’re certainly acceptable workplace attire but they aren’t what many people would call fashionable hi-vis workwear. Which is why you should instead look for the more professional and stylish quilted hi-vis jackets.

Quilted hi-vis jacket will be more expensive (usually) but they look much more fashionable, the quilted pattern will give the jacket a more padded and professional look and you’ll likely have a wider range of colours to choose from as well. Many quilted jackets will also usually have a two-tone design which will help them look more fashionable and standout.     

Hi-Vis Coveralls

Coveralls are a very underrated piece of hi-vis fashion they might not look overly fashionable but with a little experimentation, you can find a great piece of workplace clothing that will also look stylish. So, how do you make hi-vis coveralls fashionable for the workplace?

The best way to do this is to find coveralls in a darker colour, look for blues, greys or blacks and you might be surprised by how stylish they can look! Best of all you can also get two-toned hi-vis coveralls which look even more dynamic.

Even the more traditional often thought to be unflattering hi-vis colours like the bright yellow and orange can look surprisingly stylish when mixed with a darker colour like navy blue. So, if you work in an industry where you have to cover your whole body and want to still look stylish why not try some fashionable hi-vis coveralls.

Hi-Vis Hats

Finally, one last great way you can add some fashionable hi-vis clothing to your workplace attire is with a hi-vis hat! Hi-vis hats come in two main styles beanies and baseball/ sports caps again sticking to the darker colours like blue and black is often suggested but even the brighter colours like yellow can still look good.

Plus, a hat is an accessory almost anyone can make use of regardless of the industry they work in! So, hi-vis clothing can be fashionable it just requires some creative thinking and patience.


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