Good Foundations – How To Choose The Right Foundation For You

When it comes to choosing and finding a foundation that looks right on your skin 

doesn’t dry out, has good reviews, won’t break the bank, isn’t cakey, gives maximum coverage and makes you feel and look good – it can be difficult to know where to start.

The best foundations come in all colours, tones and shades, but don’t worry if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed. Whether it’s a weekend or a workday once you’ve got the right foundation, you’ll feel like anything is possible. Read on for some helpful tips of how you can find the right foundation for you.

What type should I buy?

Cream, liquid, powder? There’s more than just one formula, and many of us fall at the first hurdle. You need to choose the right type for you, so you need to consider what will work for your skin.

  • If you have dry skin then a powder is no good for you, you should be looking at a liquid and or hydrating foundation. Choosing a foundation with a creamy consistency and one with hydrating powers, will provide better coverage and won’t make your skin appear drier.
  • Struggling with oily, shiny skin? You need to be looking at oil-free liquid foundations or powders. Powders will absorb any excess oils and give you a fresh, matte finish.
  • For combination skin, apply a little powder foundation that will absorb any excess oil and apply it where you need it.
  • Unsure of what skin type you are? Don’t worry. Most make-up experts would advise you to experiment with a powder foundation that’s close to your skin tone. It’s much easier to apply and will come off easier than other types.


When we head to the drug store, we usually test out products on our hands or on the back of our wrists. But by doing this we’re already making a mistake! The best place to test? On your jawline. Remember, you foundation shouldn’t be visible on your skin you want people to compliment your complexion – not your foundation coverage!

Decide what coverage you want

You might have freckles that you want to keep on show (light coverage – I’d recommend a good BB cream or tinted moisturiser), or you might just want a light airbrushed look for work (medium), or you might want to cover up acne and poor skin (full).

If you just can’t get it right

We’re not all born knowing everything there is to know about makeup. For some of us, we might need a little help, and there’s nothing worse then spending money on a great product you’ve done lots of research on, only to find it’s just not working for you. The answer? Head to your local department store and speak to someone at one of the many makeup counters. They’ll be able to offer to advice on your skin type, your tone, which kind of foundation you need to be using, how to apply it and how to maintain a good skin care routine.  



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