The Simple Way To Create The Ultimate Single Female Pad

One of the joys of being a newly single, female and working professional is curating the perfect pad based on your specific interior design tastes.

Whilst some see this as a daunting prospect (granted, once you start placing orders and looking into finer details like finishes etc, it can be quite overwhelming), I think I have mastered a way to redecorate and make your space unique, and special to you.

This may not be for everyone but I would advise you to keep your decorating simple…

The minimalist style is not for everyone, but these tricks are!

1. Keep your walls simple

I believe the foundation of most decorating falls on your walls. Why go wild with colour when you can keep it simple? By doing this, you can constantly change the feel and vibe of your living space with just a few minimal changes to your furnishings. I am loving panelling at the moment but you can do this ‘on the cheap’ without sacrificing on style or an overall luxurious feel, plus wallpaper can always be removed!

2. Invest in good blinds

I’m personally a ‘blind’ kinda girl rather than curtains. Whilst curtains are no longer suited to maturer women’s taste, I just find blinds are much more versatile and there are so many different types to choose from. I love privacy and hate the sunlight poking through sheer window sheets so I chose white black out blinds for my place. You can tailor yours to your own ideals now too!


3. Flooring

This is probably the most tedious of all parts of decorating your home but I promise you, once it’s done and if you employ someone to lay the most perfect flooring and to a high spec (this doesn’t have to break the bank either)  you may not have to touch this particular home project again, or at least for another 5 years… depending on the crucial decisions you make now. Whilst I will not attempt to sway you with a heavy opinion when it comes to flooring, take note: wooden/ laminate flooring is cool and looks great but happens to require much more regular cleaning than carpet does and whilst the thought of a whole apartment with carpeting gives me the ‘shakes’ (not in a good way), a little comfort can be bought with a good rug!

4. Coffee Tables

Well these aren’t necessary however they are very on trend and perfect if you want your home to be somewhat of a socialising spot. Just ensure you pick something durable as well as attractive in design as you know, accidents do happen and in my experience, a coffee table is often the culprit.

5. Bedding

This is my most favourite part of redecorating! Buying a new bed/ bedding! Statistics show that we spend, on average, around seven years of our wonderful lives in bed. So if we’re going to do that, we might as well make sure our beds are the best and uber comfy! By purchasing these products, I’ve ensured my bed is comfy at all times…

Now the stress is over, you can simply relax and enjoy your new pad, alone or with company. That choice, is also yours. Enjoy it!

CP xo

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